Sangoma Managed Services

Comprehensive Threat Mitigation and Firewall

Sangoma’s Managed Network Security delivers comprehensive protection for all of your business locations, from unwanted and malicious traffic. Even a single security breach could have catastrophic effects on your bottom line.

Don’t be left unprepared as security breaches continue to make headlines. Let our service strengthen your security posture with a single solution that brings together multiple network security functions including next-generation firewall, intrusion prevention, application control, anti-virus and anti-spyware protection and web content filtering. We deliver superior protection over traditional firewalls, keeping your business safe and secured.

It’s managed because our in-house experts do it all, preventing downtime and lost revenue with professional network monitoring and management, enabling you to focus on your core business needs. It integrates with our Managed network services and is a centralized solution, using market-leading technology to detect and mitigate threats.

Sangoma’s Managed Network Security Includes

Unified Threat Management

Collection of functions that capture threats at various stages of infiltration. This suite of tools work to protect your business against attacks and losses from such things as spam, viruses, ransomware and botnet attacks.

Managed Firewall Device

Protect your LAN from external threats with customized firewall configuration, remotely configured and managed by Sangoma experts


Internet traffic is sent directly on-site and is analyzed and processed by UTM built into our on-site router, at each location.


Internet traffic is analyzed and processed by Sangoma’s network operations team before reaching the customer’s environment.

Full Protection, Total Security

Our team of experts is ready to build you the same high level of security we use in our own infrastructure, so you can expand your network safely.


Detects unwanted and malicious emails with global spam filtering that analyzes sender IP reputation and spam signatures


Web Filtering

We rate more than 250 million websites with 1.5 million new URL ratings weekly to block traffic to certain content types as desired
Web Filtering


Identifies and neutralizes hundreds of thousands of malware programs using patented techniques.

Botnet + Domain Reputation

IP and domain address reputation tools block tens of thousands of botnet command and control communication attempts daily.
Botnet + Domain Reputation

App control + IPS Service

Blocks ~470,000 network intrusions with new Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) signatures deployed daily.
App control + IPS Service

Your Reputation Relies on Your Security Measures

The core of managed network security is our Unified Threat Management technology which continuously updates to stay ahead of the new and emerging threats, protecting your business in a multi-layered approach. UTM is a vital security intelligence tool for your business as you modernize and become more cloud focused.

Secure Remote Workers: SSL VPN

Need to secure remote and mobile workers? No problem!
We offer a virtual firewall domain to establish Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network (SSL VPN) access, allowing secure remote network access. With a simple application installed on each employee's device, a VPN connection is created to the corporate network. Best of all, SSL VPN is included free-of-charge with our Managed Network Security service.

Enhance your organizations’ security with these powerful add-ons:
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Standard & Advanced AD/LDAP Authentication for Single Sign-On (SSO)