Solutions by Industry

Solutions By Industry


Unified Communications for the manufacturing industry must help companies keep operations running smoothly. Sangoma helps streamline manufacturing facilities' workflows by connecting locations, adding functionality, and reducing costs.


Connect Locations

Manufacturers often need multiple locations to run different aspects of their operations: plants, offices, storage facilities, and more. Sangoma connects your locations with a complete, centralized communications platform designed to help single-location plants or multi-location manufacturing enterprises to simplify their workflows. Our unified system makes communication easy across different media, so no important message is ever missed.

Reduce Costs

The more manufacturers can reduce costs, the more they can increase profits. Sangoma has designed our entire solution to keep costs as low as possible. Our hardware runs with lower operating costs than that of competitors. We offer flexible billing and payment options. We also offer leasing and low-cost phone choices. When you get all your communications needs from Sangoma, you save on overhead, maintenance costs, and headaches thanks to our all-inclusive model and concierge support.

Seamless Functionality

Manufacturers can communicate using the technology best suited for their needs with solutions for voice, fax, instant messaging, video, conferencing, and more. Sangoma’s complete suite of solutions can be deployed for the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid environments and prioritize intuitive, user-friendly workflows. Both internal and external parties will benefit from a system designed to maximize productivity and efficiency for multi-faceted processes.

“The only surprises we experienced were the realization that we could do practically anything we wanted with absolutely no limitations
unless it was our own lack of knowledge and creativity. The best part of the project, however, is that we are saving about 2000€ per month!”