Solutions by Industry

Solutions By Industry


Unified Communications for retail stores helps create seamless workflows to increase sales behind the scenes. Sangoma’s retail communications solutions are fully equipped and customizable to ensure the best staff and shopper experiences.



The retail industry can be extremely complex, so a communications system mustn’t make operations any more difficult. Sangoma’s solutions are easy to use and manage, leaving retailers more time to focus on selling. Our complete portfolio provides everything your business needs in one centralized platform, with flexible deployments, tightly integrated phones, and features like cloud-based auto-attendants that help you deliver the best possible customer experiences.


Sangoma offers numerous advanced features and services that improve the operations of retail stores. Our call center solutions, such as Contact Center, improve agent performance, management, and customer experiences. Our line bursting feature makes it so no caller will ever hear a busy signal. Find Me / Follow Me call forwarding automatically routes calls to cell phones, making it so regional managers, truck drivers, and employees on the sales floor never have to miss a call.


Sangoma’s solutions are scalable enough to meet the needs of single-location mom-and-pop stores to the largest retail chains. Our system is designed for ultimate flexibility, to support you during peak times without dramatically increasing costs, and growing with you as your business requires. With Sangoma, you get more than a highly scalable communications platform–you also get an extended concierge support team providing ongoing maintenance and real-time support.

“There’s no question the price points with Switchvox were much better,
but when we were able to just tick off all the features Switchvox offered against our list of priorities, we had no doubt Switchvox was the best choice.”