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Experience an Integrated Suite of Sangoma’s Cloud-based Business Communications Offerings

Deploy the perfect Communications Solution for your business with Sangoma Suite. You can rest easy knowing your entire award-winning phone system solution, complementary services, and support are all coming from the same vendor. 

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Take advantage of a cloud UC solution

Highly scalable and perfect for growing companies, Sangoma’s UC Cloud services are easy to deploy and scale up or down. Gain greater flexibility, scalability, collaboration, security, and cost savings with a pure cloud solution while also streamlining communication and collaboration processes.
Take advantage of a cloud UC solution

Collaboration at your fingertips

Collaborate seamlessly from different locations and devices with industry-leading mobile and desktop clients while utilizing instant messaging, video conferencing, and screen-sharing features. Improve communication, streamline workflows, and increase productivity, all while reducing costs and providing a scalable solution for future growth with Sangoma’s Collaboration solution.
Collaboration at your fingertips

Productivity Never Stops

Communicate on the go with Sangoma’s productivity applications. Stay connected with your team and communicate effectively on the go. Whether you need to send a quick SMS message, email campaign, or collaborate on a project, these apps can provide the tools you need to stay productive and connected.
Productivity Never Stops

Elevate your Solution Increase Efficiency Harmonize UX

with Bundle Add-Ons

Increase Efficiency with Contact Center

Streamline your agent communications with Sangoma CX. Integrate your communication channels, such as voice, email, and chat, into a singular platform. Sangoma CX allows your team to handle all customer interactions from one place, making it easier to manage and respond to your customers efficiently.

Let us Manage your Connectivity, So You Don’t Have To

Sangoma offers Managed SD-WAN, Security, and Internet Access solutions. This way, you don’t have to worry about managing your access, while at the same time, you can reduce your costs, improve efficiency, and increase security. All while focusing on your business when you let Sangoma do the heavy lifting.

Harmonize customer Interactions

Incorporate your CRMs and Microsoft Teams deployments into your Sangoma UCaaS solution. Never lose sight of your customer interactions with over 80 supported CRM integrations.

Complete your solution with Sangoma Phones and Headsets

Round out your Sangoma Suite solution with Sangoma’s line of P-Phones! These are value-based phones for every budget that integrate with your communications system for enhanced performance and functionality.

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Choose the Sangoma Cloud solution that works best for you.