Solutions by Industry

Solutions By Industry


Communications serve as the backbone of any business, and this is especially true for the healthcare industry. Sangoma’s UCaaS portfolio offers end-to-end solutions that help healthcare providers enhance patient care.


Customized Workflows

A one-size-fits-all approach to your healthcare communications system ultimately limits productivity and hinders the best patient care experience. Sangoma’s healthcare communications solutions are designed to meet the needs of your staff, patients, and unique operations. We provide a complete, fully integrated solution suite including flexible deployment options, end-to-end solutions for voice, video, conferencing, and more, plus the option to customize your system further.

Reliability & Flexibility

Mobility is essential for healthcare professionals, as most providers will be on the move while still needing access to their communications at all times. Sangoma’s healthcare communications allow all staff members to keep in constant contact with HIPAA-compliant solutions that work on desk phones, cell phones, tablets, and other devices. All of Sangoma’s solutions also guarantee up to 99.999% uptime, the most reliable in the industry.

Security & Compliance

Protect your confidential data with HIPAA-compliant communications solutions. Sangoma adheres to all HIPAA guidelines and customizes your system to comply with security standards. We also provide additional security features and solutions to optimize your HIPAA-compliant phone system.

“It has been easier to execute than I ever thought possible for such a high tech product.
Not only is Switchvox flexible and expandable leaving us plenty of room to grow, but it has cut costs drastically, which was one of the main objectives of the project.”

“Customer service has improved greatly and we have a much higher rate of connected callers than we did before.
We have reports we can run that help us with quality control, figuring out problems and showing us areas for improvement based on call behavior. We had no way of knowing when calls were dropped before, or how many times someone called, or how long they were left on hold. We can track all of that now, thanks to Switchvox.”