Solutions by Industry

Solutions By Industry


Unified Communications for the legal industry must help law firms manage and simplify client interactions while keeping confidential information secure. Sangoma offers a complete suite of integrated solutions that enable law firms cut down on paperwork, streamline their operations, and ensure the utmost discretion.



Legal professionals must always be available to clients, meet court-imposed deadlines, and stay on top of new developments in cases. Even the shortest period of communications downtime is entirely unacceptable. Sangoma offers the industry’s most reliable uptime guarantee of 99.999%, plus ensures ongoing maintenance, 24/7 network monitoring, and more safeguards for your legal communications system.


The legal profession demands flexibility and is quick to take advantage of any advances in communications. Sangoma provides law firms with various advanced UC features that legal professionals can use to reduce communications time and improve their business’ operating efficiency. Complete with voice, messaging, video and fax options, our flexible platform provides exceptional user experiences with cloud-based auto attendants, Contact Center, CRM integrations, and more.


Mobility has always been an essential aspect of the legal industry, and the need for mobile-friendly technologies continues to grow. Cases must be tried in court, negotiations must be held at the opponent’s offices, and clients must be met at convenient locations. Scalable communications from Sangoma enable unprecedented mobility with features such as Find Me / Follow Me call forwarding, automatic call routing, remote voicemail access from email, and our leading mobile softphone.