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At-Home SD-WAN:
A Better Network for Business at Home

The home office is the new branch office. Many businesses are embracing permanent remote and hybrid work environments for continuity and cost savings.

Cloud-based applications make flexible work possible, but there are challenges:

  • Residential networks don’t meet security, uptime, and quality requirements your corporate network demands.
  • Enterprise SD-WAN solutions can help but are too costly to deploy beyond the C-suite
Prioritized Business Traffic
Integrated Security
Continuous Uptime
Quality of Service
24/7/365 Management
Centralized Control
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At-Home SD-WAN Fills the Gap

At-Home SD-WAN leverages capabilities of enterprise SD-WAN without the enterprise price tag. Our cost-effective solution improves the performance of congestion-prone consumer broadband by:

Segmenting Business & Home Traffic
Ensuring the Privacy of Personal Traffic
Prioritizing Business Traffic

Kids Streaming? Kids Gaming? No Problem!

At-Home SD-WAN delivers secure, high-quality and uninterrupted connectivity for business applications that require stable links.


Why Choose At-Home SD-WAN?

SD-WAN provides you with unparalleled network flexibility, security, quality and resilience required in today’s cloud-based, connected world.

Bandwidth Aggregation

Aggregate bandwidth using any access type – fiber, cable, DSL, 4G LTE – from any service provider.

Integrated Security

Keep critical cloud and peer-to-peer apps secure with integrated firewall and IPsec VPN.

Reliable Connections

Enjoy always-on connections with seamless failover and dynamic path selection.

Centralized Control

Make changes globally or by connection, location, app, device or user with our intuitive portal.

Quality of Service

Improve performance of cloud, voice and video with application prioritization and QoS policies.

24/7 Management

Rest assured your connections are working properly with round-the-clock expert monitoring.

Right-Sized Rate

At-Home SD-WAN by Sangoma provides a clear advantage to work-from-home environments at a right-sized subscription rate that’s affordable for organizations of all sizes – from small office/home office (SOHO) to multilocation enterprises.

At-Home SD-WAN is delivered as an economical bundle, including hardware, software licensing, configuration and management. Choose from two packages:

Per Month / Per Home*
$ 90
  • Support for one business user with three devices
  • Support for unlimited home users and devices
  • Support for up to 200Mbps
  • Standard SD-WAN Edge Device
  • 24/7/365 management and support
Per Month / Per Home*
$ 161
  • Support for one business user with six devices
  • Support for unlimited home users and devices
  • Support for up to 350Mbps
  • Enhanced SD-WAN Edge Device
  • 24/7/365 management and support

Get SD-WAN Your Way
At-Home SD-WAN by Sangoma can be deployed standalone or integrated into existing corporate SD-WAN or MPLS networks.

Plug In & Power Up

At-Home SD-WAN is simple to install. Sangoma ships edge devices to your remote workers pre-configured and ready to go. Employees simply connect the edge devices to power and Internet services.

Already Have a VPN?

At-Home SD-WAN offers a better alternative to overtaxed corporate virtual private networks (VPNs). Benefits include:
  • Freeing up bandwidth and infrastructure by sending traffic directly to cloud services instead of the data center
  • Eliminating processing power required to create SSL tunnels
  • Reducing the security risk of human error by not requiring logins

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