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Scalable, high–performance distributed network solution for your mission critical applications

Sangoma’s SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networking) solution enables your network to meet demands for greater mobility, digital transformation, increasing dependence on real-time cloud services and improved branch performance. You’ll benefit from the performance and agility to handle any type of traffic, prioritize critical applications and reduce networking costs.

Businesses Who Benefit from Sangoma’s SD-WAN

Secured credit card information across multi-location retailers, including efficient systems for employee support.
Financial Services
Reliable access to information when serving customers, with an increasing need to access cloud information to function.
Prioritizing academic traffic for educators with hybrid and remote learning on the rise. SD-WAN can help to deliver better learning experiences with lower costs and higher bandwidths.
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Sangoma Managed SD-WAN Benefits

Cost Savings

Businesses leverage any access type –Broadband, fiber, wireless–making it easy to find the best local pricing and achieve many levels of redundancy/failover.

Cost Savings

Optimized network Connectivity

Our proprietary technology combines multiple internet links to dynamtically route your traffic over the best available connection and seamlessly re-routes traffic, if issues are detected, keeping your network, applications and users up and running.
Optimized network Connectivity

Improve Cloud Access

Eliminates hair-pinning at enterprise datacenters when accessing cloud-based applications, common with traditional WAN deployments. SD-WAN provides a direct on-ramp to cloud apps, eliminating latency related to inefficient network paths.
Improve Cloud Access

Application-based QoS Policies

Deep package inspection allows for the prioritization of business-critical traffic. QoS policies can be applied globally or per location.
Application-based QoS Policies

Operational Efficiency

Standardized hardware is deployed at each site, simplifying the network edge. Predictable deployments and cloud-based control reduces the time spent on hardware management.
Operational Efficiency

Hardened Security

Secure IPSEC tunnels deployed over all transport types with fully-meshed or point-to-point VPN setup availability. Hardware devices include stateful firewalls for allow/deny rules.
Hardened Security

Our Solution Consists Of

SD-WAN Device

This device sits at each customer site, consolidating the local network equipment into one, centralizing control of IT, making it easy to manage and monitor remotely. It sends and receives traffic over multiple links to/from Sangoma’s cloud infrastructure.


Resides at the edge of Sangoma’s cloud network and communicates with customer location SD-WAN devices. Establishes a tunnel for packet duplication and forward error correction (FEC). They are also VPN concentrators for IPSEC tunnels enabling very secure connections.


Our cloud portal enables central control of traffic policies, usage analytics, network health monitoring, configurations and troubleshooting, on behalf of the customer, so they can focus on their day job.

How SD-WAN technology transforms networking

Our Managed SD-WAN solution is a simple and cost-effective approach to solving your networking challenges. We offer a more flexible choice, compared to using legacy MPLS or Private VPN technologies, by combining multiple low-cost Broadband connections into one unified WAN for enhanced network reliability and performance. The Sangoma difference is our intelligent software overlay for packet duplication, forward error correction, application steering, QoS, latency mitigation, which means a single, faster and more reliable connection.

Why Customers Choose Sangoma’s Managed SD-WAN

Tired of Unreliable WFH Connectivity?
At-Home SD-WAN is Your Solution

Up and running quickly

With Sangoma’s Managed SD-WAN solution, your entire network will be up and running quickly and easily with no burden on your team. Our decades of experience with designing and customizing solutions, we’ll help your business define application and security policies. We will provide the most suitable connectivity from our wide range of access options, deploy, and monitor your networks 24/7/365.

Need a Wireless Backup Connection?

For improved network diversity and uptime, pair our SD-WAN solution with Wireless Backup If your primary connection(s) is interrupted, you’ll seamlessly failover to 4G LTE.

We manage Networks so you don’t have to

We source and present access options, based on your network requirements.  We also mix and match based on the needs of each location.

TypeSpeedApplicationUse Cases
Broadband (Cable/DSL)3 Mbps – 1+ GbpsPrimary & BackupBranch offices, high speed file transfers, transaction processing
Fiber10 Mbps – 1+ GbpsPrimary & BackupHigh-Speed Synchronous Connectivity and Data-Intensive Applications
5G Wireless/FixedUp to 35 Mbps*Primary & BackupQuick Turn-Ups, Temporary Locations, Unlimited Data at a Flat-Rate

Our Managed SD-WAN solution offloads your IT responsibilities of management, maintenance, security and performance of your large-scale network, so that you can focus on your core business needs. You’ll benefit from seasoned experts in networking design, deployment and support, using our privately owned and operated cloud infrastructure.

Today’s large-scale businesses place significant pressure on their network for bandwidth, performance, security and reliability, as any downtime could impact their bottom line. Your business is not in IT, but yet your resource demands are increasing in order to support your core needs, including costs. Sangoma’s SD-WAN solution solves these challenges by offloading all your IT responsibilities to Sangoma’s cloud network where we manage, maintain and monitor your entire network performance, security and reliability, remotely.

Backed by a World-Class Network Operations Team

  • A dedicated team of experts that work with you to architect, implement, manage, monitor, support and troubleshoot, 24/7/365.
  • We have granular visibility to equipment, utilization, and individual devices within your network.
  • We track issues in utilization and performance can be tracked and traced, allowing an admin to make changes when required.