Solutions by Industry

Solutions By Industry

Assisted Living

Unified Communications for Assisted Living facilities require unique features that can streamline hospitality and healthcare-related workflows. Sangoma offers the right blend of communications technologies designed to help staff, residents, and families stay connected.


Intuitive & Seamless

Whether you are managing one or several assisted living facilities, Sangoma has the communications solution for your needs. Our solutions are designed to empower staff with all of their tools right at their fingertips to seamlessly communicate with colleagues, residents, families, and others. With cloud-based, on-premise, and hybrid deployment models, an advanced suite of intuitive features, and fully-integrated accessories and services, you can focus on serving residents rather than working around your technology.

Flexible & Mobile

Our portfolio offers the industry’s most comprehensive suite of solutions for voice, video, mobile apps, and customization options to ensure you get everything you need in one centralized system. We allow you to leverage on-site, remote, and mobile communications with the devices of your choice. You can also extend the capabilities of your Sangoma platform with customized workflows, integrations to EMR/EHR/eMAR systems and other third-party software, and packaged applications for notifications, employee alerts, and more.

Security & Compliance

Built-in security features and HIPAA-compliant solutions allow you to communicate with peace of mind. Our solutions leverage encryption, firewalls, 24/7 monitoring, adherence to HIPAA regulations, and more protective measures to ensure your communications remain confidential. We also provide E911 call routing that allows the administration to screen 911 calls for true emergencies and handle the rest in-house.

"We have certain features that we need for that call center and Sangoma is able to provide everything for us for the call center.
We have a call center that takes calls from 14 counties. After meeting with Sangoma and CTSI, and reviewing all of the options and features that we would have with the phone system, we decided that it was the best route for us. The biggest selling factor was definitely the cost savings that we would have.”

“Sangoma is very beneficial to a company in growth mode.
It’s easy to expand the system to a new location. Our IT manager is able to handle expansions internally using the self-service portal. Once the StarBox® is set up, it’s seamlessly networked to the other offices.”