Session Border Controllers

Sangoma SBC Bundle

The Right Way to Protect your VoIP Environment

A Session Border Controller (SBC) will allow you to connect your remote workers and SIP trunk(s) securely to your phone system without compromising security, automatically detecting VoIP threats and taking action. 

Additionally, Sangoma SBCs  can automatically translate codecs and audio with built-in interoperability and transcoding capabilities.


TLS and SRTP encryption ensures there is no way to “eavesdrop” on calls as they move between the IP phones and IP PBX.

Business Continuity

Maintain essential services while transitioning between phone systems or SIP trunks, or due to catastrophic scenarios.


Ensure compatibility between VoIP carriers and endpoints.

Remote Connectivity

Securely connect remote users to the corporate phone system without requiring a VPN.

Learn more about helping your company avoid potential threats and increase security. 

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SBC 40 for SMBs


Small to Medium Business SBC

  • 5-30 simultaneous calls

Enterprise SBC

Medium to Large Business SBC

  • 25-250 simultaneous calls
Sangoma NetBorder SBC

Netborder SBC

Large Business SBC

  • 250-4000 simultaneous calls

Virtual Machine SBC

Software Only Solution – Up to 1000 Simultaneous Calls

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SBC VM Software Box

How Does It Work

SBCs sit between your internet connection and corporate network and analyzes all the VoIP traffic that passes through. 

It is designed with security features to detect malicious VoIP traffic and automatically take action to save your network.

When Would You Use a Session Border Controller?

Remote Workers

Remote Workers

Connect remote workers to the corporate phone system without opening up ports in the firewall.  The SBC monitors all the traffic for any malicious registrations or threats and takes immediate action.

Cloud Phone Systems

In a hosted environment, enterprises rely on the service provider for all their phone system services. An SBC protects their networks while managing any interoperability issues.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking

Service providers can use an SBC to not only protect their network but also introduce new revenue streams by providing SIP services to customers using legacy PSTN equipment.


SBCs provide protection against malicious attacks such as Denial-of-Service, toll fraud, and SIP/RTP flooding, while hiding network topology to keep network routes unexposed.

Session Border Controller Features

VoIP Protection

Protects VoIP networks from malicious attacks.

Call Routing

Provide low-cost routing and load balancing across trunks.

Call Limiting

Limit the amount of traffic through call paths to ensure quality of service and mitigate risk of toll fraud.

Simplified Licensing

All SBCs are field upgradable and licensing is per session-based, meaning all the features are always included.

Media Transcoding

Generate the best quality of service the connection can provide, from HD voice quality to small bandwidth optimized codecs.

Hardware Redundancy

Ensure business continuity during catastrophic hardware failures by mirroring two SBCs together.

If you are not convinced yet, here are the 17 reasons why you need an SBC.

SBC Specifications


  • Max Call / Sessions
  • 4000 – NetBorder SBC
  • 1000 – VM SBC
  • 250 – Enterprise SBC
  • 30 – SMB SBC
  • Unlimited SIP trunks
  • Max. 120 TDM-SIP calls/sessions *Applicable only to Enterprise SBC
  • Full security (SRTP/TLS) capability
  • Full Transcoding Capability


  • SIP 2.0 compliant
  • SIP intrusion prevention
  • SIP trunking and remote working
  • SIP registration pass-thru
  • SIP malformed packet protection
  • Topology hiding
  • ENUM routing
  • SIP request rate limiting
  • SIP friendly load limitation
  • SIP header normalization
  • Advanced NAT traversal capabilities


  • 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet ports
  • 6x – NetBorder SBC
  • 3x – Enterprise SBC
  • 4x – SMB SBC
  • IPV4, IPV6
  • VLAN support
  • 1x VGA port (Enterprise and NetBorder appliances)
  • 1x console port (NetBorder appliance)


  • DDoS / DoS attack protection
  • Media security with SRTP
  • DDoS / DoS attack protection
  • IPSec encryption
  • IP firewall with port forwarding
  • Call security with TLS/SRTP
  • Two-stage authentication

Session and Monitoring

  • Multiple session routing options
  • RTCP statistics reports
  • QoS (ToS or DSCP)
  • RADIUS CDR and authentication
  • QoS monitoring and reporting

Session and Monitoring

  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Real-time monitoring and debugging
  • HTTP XML-based CDR
  • TR-069 for remote provisioning
  • REST based interface to remotely configure SBCs


  • SBCT-SMB-0050 - SBC SMB 5 Calls appliance
  • SBCT-SMB-030 - SBC SMB 30 Calls appliance
  • SBCT-SMB-U05 - 5 call upgrade kit for SMB SBC up to 30 Calls
  • SBCT-ENT-025 - SBC Enterprise 25 Calls Appliance
  • SBCT-ENT-250 - SBC Enterprise 250 Calls Appliance
  • SBCT-ENT-U025 - 25 call upgrade kit for Enterprise SBC up to 250 Calls
  • SBCT-CAR-0250-DA1 - NetBorder SBC 250 Calls Appliance
  • SBCT-CAR-4000-DA1 - NetBorder SBC 4000 Calls Appliance
  • SBCT-CAR-U0050 - NetBorder 50 Call upgrade kit for Appliance
  • SBCT-CAR-U0250 - NetBorder 250 Call upgrade kit for Appliance
  • SBCT-VMS-005 - Virtual Machine Software software only 5 Calls
  • SBCT-VMS-1000 - Virtual Machine Software software only 1000 Calls
  • SBCT-VMS-U005 - Virtual Machine Software software 5 Call upgrade kit up to 1000 calls

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