Video Conferencing & Collaboration with Sangoma Meet™

Video Conferencing with Sangoma Meet for Desktop and Mobile

Mobile App coming soon

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Sangoma Meet is currently being offered  free of charge, in order to help everyone stay connected and get through this period.
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Video Conferencing with Sangoma Meet for Desktop and Mobile

Share Your World with Video

Sangoma Meet lets anyone start a video conference of up to 50 video participants* on any device. 

Collaborate on projects while keeping in touch with your family and sharing some face-time with your colleagues and friends .

Start a video conference in seconds...

Whether you are in your office, working remotely, or just want to connect with a colleague or friendas long as your device has an internet connectionvideo calls are as easy as a single click.

Start a video call in three easy steps:

  1. Open a compatible browser like Chrome 
  2. Navigate to 
  3. Start a video conference and invite participants!

or use the desktop app for MacOS or Windows

* Enable up to 25 video thumbnails at one time.

Invite video conference participants easily by sharing a meeting link.

Chat with participants and react with emojis while on a video call.

Invite audio-only participants who are unable to share video.

Private and Secure

Sangoma Meet video conferences are automatically password protected so that only the people you want on your video call can join. Powered by WebRTC, Sangoma Meet provides a private, secure video conferencing experience for all users.
Security information for your video conference call using Sangoma Meet

Quick and Simple

Set up a video conference in seconds. Join one or invite others with a click.

Improve Remote Work

Effectively manage teams and collaborate with colleagues by meeting face to face.

High Definition

HD video and exceptional audio quality ensured by the Opus Codec.

Multi-Platform Support

WebRTC ensures support for any device over WiFi or cellular networks.

Perfect for Team Meetings

Start and control team video calls with full moderator privileges.


Fully encrypted ensuring your conversations are private.


Easily host up to 50 participants in a single video conference, with up to 25 video displays at one time.

Calendar Integration

Create Sangoma Meet invitations on Office 365 or Google Calendar.

Video Conferencing using Sangoma Meet on Mobile Phone

Mobile Friendly

In addition to access through desktop web browsers, Sangoma Meet is compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets. Download the free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to get started.

Join a conference easily by clicking on a Sangoma Meet conference link to launch the conference through the mobile app.

Desktop Apps

Don’t want to launch video conferences from a browser? No Problem! Sangoma Meet is supported on both MacOS and Windows workstations via dedicated desktop apps.

Meet UI Gif

If you are holding a team call, you have full moderator privileges. You can mute/unmute attendees, send them private messages, or kick anyone off the call. You also have the option to invite audio-only participants to limit video sharing.


If you prefer not to talk on your video call, use the chat feature in Sangoma Meet to share your thoughts with the group. A full suite of emojis will keep the conversation engaging and light!

Chat during a Video Conference using Sangoma Meet


Give your coworkers real-time examples and streamline meetings with screen sharing in Sangoma Meet. Instantly share your screen and choose what you want to show to others.

Invite a friend to the call

Inviting users to a video call is easy. Simply click the Schedule button and copy your meeting information and send it to the desired parties. As soon as users click on the link, they immediately join the conference.

Invite another user to your video conference using Sangoma Meet
Sangoma Meet Feature Use example window - user sending quick meet request

Slack Integration

Slack is all about bringing teams together, and collaboration often requires face-to-face meetings. Easily move from a conversation in Slack to a rich collaborative meeting including multi-party audio, video and application/screen sharing.

Calendar Integration

Use your favorite calendar to seamlessly create Sangoma Meet invitations. When creating a meeting within your Google or Outlook calendar, click Add a Sangoma Meet and instantly setup a video conference meeting, including a list of dial-in phone numbers for those joining only by phone.

Wireless Headsets

Need a wireless headset with USB support to use with Sangoma Meet?
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