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enterprise communications for the small business budget

Looking for a comprehensive Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution that’s perfect for small and medium-sized businesses? Look no further than Switchvox Cloud! This intuitive and user-friendly platform is packed with features that will help boost your business and increase productivity. Best of all, it’s a turnkey cloud platform that’s easy to set up and use right away. So why wait? Try Switchvox Cloud today!

Who Benefits The Most From
Switchvox Cloud?

Single-Site SMBs
Businesses with under 500 users that communicate with customers primarily by phone excel with Switchvox Cloud.
Mom & Pop Shops
Small businesses that need robust features in their communications solution at a great price.
Telecom agents who want a simple, easy-to-deploy, hands-off UCaaS deployment offering love Switchvox Cloud.
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robust features for the small business

Grow with You

Eliminates the risk of having to migrate to a completely new system when your company outgrows its hosted deployment. Instead, you can move seamlessly from Switchvox Cloud to Switchvox On-Premises with no setup and no change to your user experience.

Switchvox Switchboard

Access call control, collaboration, contact center features, and training tools all in one place. Enjoy a fully customizable web-based interface that you can access from anywhere in the world!

Try Before You Buy

Want to check out Switchvox Cloud before you buy? Take advantage of Sangoma’s 30-Day Risk-Free Trial that includes: 5 Switchvox Cloud User Extensions, Switchvox Mobile and Up to 5 IP Phones, and Free Phone Numbers for Testing.


In today’s hybrid work environments, employees need to be flexible and able to work from the office, home, or both while having access to communication, collaboration, and productivity tools. Switchvox Cloud users can easily log-in from anywhere they are located.


With Switchvox Cloud you can utilize click-to-dial and screen-pop features from the tools you commonly use, such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Salesforce, and Zendesk. This allows for smoother and more efficient communication without the need to switch between different platforms.

Easy to Manage

With an intuitive point-and-click interface, managing every aspect of Switchvox is possible from anywhere with internet access. This feature enables your employees to manage their own status and voicemail boxes, empowering them. You can effortlessly view the “who, what, and where” details.

See What You
Can Do With
Switchvox Cloud

Departmental Contact Center

  • Call Recording
  • Monitor
  • Whisper 
  • Barge
  • Hot Desking 
  • Queue Management Switchboard
  • Custom Music / Message On Hold (MOH)
  • Enhanced CallerID
  • Presence Management
  • IVR
Departmental Contact Center

Call Control

Call Control


  • Voicemail-To-Email
  • SMS
  • Instant Messaging 


  • Faxing & Mobile Faxing
  • Unlimited Conference Calling
  • Video Conferencing
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Microsoft Teams Integration
True End-to-End Solution
The Sangoma phones are specifically created for Switchvox Cloud use, providing seamless integration to help you save time with easy plug-and-play installation. Experience a fully customizable communications experience.
Network Infrastructure
Our network infrastructure boasts a carrier-class backbone that is fully redundant, ensuring maximum reliability. It boasts GigE network connectivity and is supported by multiple Tier 1 data and voice carriers. Our network is fortified by next-generation level protection.
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Switchvox Cloud- The Ultimate Destination for Your Communication Needs

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