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The Rise of SMS Communication in UC

The Rise of SMS and Unified Communications “Just text me” Those three words are being said now more than ever. SMS communication is the perfect

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A Day in the Life of Switchvox [Video]

When you experience a day in the life of Switchvox, you understand how Unified Communications (UC) connects your workplace like never before. Switchvox unifies your

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The Significance of Switchvox 7.3

A few weeks ago, Sangoma released Switchvox 7.3. In one way, it’s a typical point release like all software point releases as it brings the

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Drum Roll Please: Announcing Switchvox 7

Here’s some exciting news: The latest version of our award-winning Unified Communications platform, Switchvox 7, is now available! This is a big deal. It marks

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Voicemail, What Voicemail?

Sure, from a personal level, many folks believe that the voicemail is going the way of the fax machine or the dodo bird.  Will the

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