Success Story

Saving Costs across 1200 Stores Through Streamlined Managed Connectivity

Large Discount Retail Store Finds Success with Sangoma's Managed Internet Connectivity Solution

The Customer

The customer is a specialty discount retailer headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that offers affordable products. The company currently operates around 1200 locations throughout the USA and plans to expand by opening 200 more sites each year. Their stores have become a popular destination for tweens and teens who are looking for budget-friendly shopping options.

Business Challenges

The customer was struggling with several challenges related to its existing internet connectivity solutions. Their current aggregator, which was one of the largest players in the industry, was unable to provide satisfactory support, leading to frequent connectivity issues that impacted the operations of their stores and customer experience. Moreover, they had to deal with numerous installation failures, which not only delayed their expansion plans but also incurred additional costs. Additionally, the aggregator was unable to provide broadband options at several of their locations, forcing them to rely on more expensive fiber and Ethernet solutions.

Solutions from Sangoma

The customer faced several connectivity challenges and sought a solution from Sangoma Technologies, a leading provider of managed internet connectivity services. Sangoma recognized the importance of reliable connectivity for a retail chain with multiple locations. To address these challenges, Sangoma proposed a managed internet connectivity solution that combined broadband and 4G technologies. This solution provided many benefits, including reliable support from Sangoma’s team of experts, enabling the customer to achieve expansion goals more efficiently by increasing the success rate of installations significantly. Moreover, Sangoma offered various broadband options, allowing the customer to choose the most cost-effective and efficient solutions for each store location. Finally, Sangoma negotiated with cable companies, resulting in nearly $1 million in savings in build-out costs!

The Results

The partnership between the customer and Sangoma proved to be a game-changer for them. Sangoma’s managed Internet connectivity solution provided reliable support, successful installations, broadband options, and significant cost savings. As a result, the customer experienced a substantial improvement in connectivity across their stores, which enhanced their customer experience and operational efficiency. With faster deployment and fewer installation failures, they successfully met their annual expansion targets on schedule, further solidifying their market position. Additionally, Sangoma’s negotiations with cable companies saved the customer almost $1 million in buildout costs, contributing to their profitability and growth. In conclusion, Sangoma’s contribution paved the way for this customer’s success, allowing them to overcome their connectivity challenges and thrive in the competitive retail industry.