Success Story

Healthcare Physicians Group

Large Healthcare Physicians Group Improves Efficiency with Sangoma UCaaS and Sangoma CX

The Customer

A rapidly expanding healthcare organization faced a common challenge after acquiring smaller offices: the need for a uniform communication system across all locations. The initial attempt with Allworks proved inefficient due to the costly and cumbersome nature of providing independent dial tone access. They sought a communication system that would cater to more than 200 physical locations and close to 300 logged-in agents on any given day. They also needed a unified solution that was HIPAA-compliant and able to integrate office phones plus a centralized contact center, so they reached out to Sangoma partner, Thrive Networks, for help.

Business Challenges

The client began to experience issues with their phone systems at each office they acquired. They attempted to solve the problem with Allworks, a premise-based system, but it was unable to handle the large volume and diverse operations of the healthcare company. The system was cost-inefficient and was unable to adapt quickly to organizational changes. In addition, the company needed a system that complied with HIPAA regulations for patient privacy. One of their larger locations, which had a 23-line PRI, faced frequent complaints from patients about call congestion, which negatively impacted their service quality and reputation.

Solutions from Sangoma

The client recognized the limitations of their premise-based system and the potential of cloud-based operations. They sought the assistance of Thrive Networks, a partner of Sangoma. Thrive Networks listened to their business goals and the difficulties they were facing. They then introduced the cloud-based Starbox solution, which efficiently handled SIP traffic, supported primary and failover internet circuits, and added an extra layer of security by acting as a border session controller. Additionally, the Sangoma CX solution seamlessly unified communication between office phones and the centralized contact center. “We initially chose the Sangoma solution for its line-pooling and bursting of lines, but the new user-based model that includes unlimited calling and long distance allowed them to better control costs. The way the system handles SIP traffic routing and latency was also a differentiator,” Jennifer Danis, Thrive Unified Communications Manager.

The Sangoma system magnified the client’s call-handling capabilities, more than doubling the call volume. The Sangoma CX robust reporting suite, callback feature, and WebRTC softphones facilitated a significant reduction in hardware costs for the healthcare conglomerate.

The Results

The client’s contact center was able to swiftly transition to remote work within a week of the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to Sangoma’s consolidated technologies. This is a testament to Sangoma’s adaptability. With the help of Sangoma’s advanced reporting suite, agent monitoring, and control were possible, allowing contact center agents to work from home, which reduced operation costs and staff turnover while increasing agent happiness.

Sangoma’s implementation of WebRTC softphones for agents, coupled with the system’s adaptability, allowed the client to confidently offer fully remote positions, making them a desirable workplace in today’s remote work era. It also improved the client’s operational efficiency by providing ease in making programming changes, running multicast paging, and configuring internal call routing.

The client also switched to Sangoma Talk, a desktop softphone, which enhanced the user experience through features such as agent login. The system’s management of SIP traffic routing and latency were also distinguishing factors, making Sangoma a valuable ally in the client’s expansion endeavors.

According to Jennifer Danis, Thrive Unified Communications Manager, “The Sangoma team is committed to solving the unique needs of businesses by leveraging available technologies. Partnering with Sangoma means getting a collaborative partnership, not just a vendor.”