S-Series IP Phones

Sangoma S Series Phone Family

S-Series Phones for PBXact Phone Systems

Sangoma S-Series IP phones are designed to work exclusively with PBXact phone systems. S-Series phones can be quickly and easily used right out of the box, featuring Zero-Touch auto provisioning. All you need to do is plug them into an Internet connection, wherever you are in the world, and the redirection service will automatically pair the phone with the phone system and configure it. This makes life easier for IT administrators and allows end users to setup their own phones within seconds, including remote users.

Why Buy S-Series Phones Over Other Phones?

While PBXact phone systems are compatible with most SIP-based IP phones, S-Series phones are designed exclusively for PBXact. This means that users take full advantage of the power of the phone system, directly from their fingertips. This includes Zero-Touch auto provisioning, advanced phone applications, called PhoneApps, built-in VPN, and the tightest security available for VoIP Phones.

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S-Series Benefits

Zero Touch Provisioning
Zero-Touch Auto Provisioning

S-Series phones automatically provision using Sangoma’s redirection cloud server, which authenticates S-Series phones and redirects them to the PBXact/FreePBX phone system. 

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Each S-Series phone is factory imaged with a unique serial key. This prevents hackers from contacting the redirection server, pretending to be an S-Series phone, and trying to register with the MAC address.

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Programmable Buttons

Customize your phone with the applications you need where you want them. This allows users to improve efficiency and ultimately their productivity.

EXP100 expansion module

For realtors, secretaries, and receptionists, the EXP100 sidecar adds extra BLF (Busy Lamp Field) buttons to S-Series IP phones for extra functionality.

power over ethernet
POE (Power over Ethernet)

Power S-Series phones directly from the Internet cable connection, rather than trying to search for a wall socket for power. This allows you the freedom to place your phones wherever you want.

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S-Series phones support TLS/SRTP encryption, so hackers cannot try and intercept the call path or listen in to the call.

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Advanced Phone Applications

S-Series phones support PhoneApps, which are on-board applications that take control of the phone’s display without the need of dialing in feature codes.  

Built-In VPN

Connect to the corporate phone system from remote locations securely with built-in VPN. 

S705-sangoma S505-sangoma S406-sangoma s305-sangoma s206-sangoma
S705 S505 S406 S305 S206
Main Display 4.3 inch, color 3.5 inch, color 2.7 inch, graphical LCD with backlight 192x64 pixel graphical LCD with backlight 128x40 pixel graphical LCD with backlight
Line Registrations 6 4 3 2 2
Rapid Dial/Busy Lamp Field Keys Up to 9 keys, scrolling
45 contacts
Up to 7 keys, scrolling 35 contacts Up to 5 keys, scrolling 25 contacts Up to 3 key, scrolling 15 contact Up to 1 key, scrolling 1
Ethernet LAN and PC Port 10/100/1000Base-T 10/100/1000Base-T 10/100/1000Base-T 10/100Base-T 10/100Base-T
Advanced Phone Applications No
Bluetooth & WiFi No No No No
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Expansion Module (SideCar)
No No No
Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) Module
No No
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P310 & P315 Value-Based Phones

Sangoma’s value-based P-Phones (P310 and P315) deliver the essential features you need at the best price point. Perfect for anyone that needs reliable, basic calling functionality or needs a lot of phones in one place; such as manufacturing, education, retail, and even home offices. These IP phones feature auto-provisioning across Sangoma’s product portfolio, including Switchvox, PBXact, FreePBX, and Asterisk.

Headsets Designed for S-Series Phones

Move around the office while staying connected, with industry-leading wireless performance, crystal clear audio and all day talk time.
Sangoma customer using the H10 headset during a Sangoma Meet video conference call
Sangoma S Series Phone Family

S-Series Phones are made for PBXact / FreePBX

Sangoma’s line of S-Series phones are tightly integrated with PBXact, PBXact Cloud, and FreePBX.
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