Phones and Devices

3rd Generation IP Phones brilliantly designed for the complete Sangoma Portfolio

Sangoma’s line of P-Series phones are designed to deliver the features you need for every user type at a competitive price point. 

All models include high definition audio, unprecedented plug-and-play deployment, and advanced built-in applications that include voicemail, call log, contacts, phone status, user presence, parking, and more. 

Sangoma P-Series IP Phones
Multi-Platform Support
Mix platforms between offices, but keep the same look and feel.
Uniform Operation
All models work the same way, making upgrades easy and without additional training.
Partner Friendly
Partners stock and support only one Sangoma phone product line.
Business Applications
Built-in applications improve user productivity, taking communication to the next level.
Every IP phone automatically provisions itself when plugged into any of Sangoma’s UC or UCaaS platforms and services.
Vertical Friendly
There is a model for virtually every user type, with the precise features needed at the price you’d expect.
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3rd Generation IP Phones for Sangoma Communications Suite

P310 and P315

Cost-Effective, Entry Level

The P310 and P315 are perfect for offices, education (schools, colleges), manufacturing floors, and retail stores. Deploy many P310/P315 phones in one place or over a distributed set of large-facility locations, wherever you need reliable, basic calling functionality.


P320, P325 and P330

The mid-range line includes a large, all-around visible 4.3 inch 480×272 color IPS display for use with built-in business applications.

Executive Level

Beautifully Designed

For the executives in the office demanding a sleek desktop presence, the P370 delivers with a large 7.0” 800×1280 color IPS touchscreen display.


Highly Integrated Productivity Applications

Enjoy built-in enhanced applications on the mid and executive range, taking communication to the next level.

See who left you voicemails, along with timestamps and full control to skip and delete.

Get a full overview of call queue activity; perfect for managers who need to see at-a-glance information about the queues on the system.

See all parked calls on the system in a visual display and pick up the one you want! 

In addition to standard call logs, the Call Log app allows you to see the last 50 calls made on the system, persistent across reboots!

See and change your status and control how calls are handled based on the status. Status options, such as “Away” or “Away – At Lunch” are controlled by the Presence State Module in your phone system GUI.

Search for contacts/users or groups, created by the Contact Manager module, to call users easily.

On-demand recording allows the user to start and stop recording at any time by using a phone button. 

Log in or out of any phone and have all your extension and user settings follow you.  

See all your conference rooms and view the callers in each. You have full control to admit or deny access, mute callers, or remove callers from a conference room.

Add-Ons and Accessories

Make the most of your communications solution
with these compatible products and services.


Expansion Module

For users who need to track and dispatch high volumes of calls,  the PM200 Expansion Module makes life easier. Improve productivity with 20 programmable keys and three pages of targets per console that complement the main phone display.


For today’s flexible and itinerant workforce, our line of headsets delivers the right communication experience for each user with high-quality audio, exceptional noise cancellation, and premium comfort. Choose between plugging your wired headset into a free USB port on your workstation or roaming freely with wireless, and stay productive without missing a beat.