A-Series Phones for Asterisk

Budget-friendly IP Phones for Asterisk PBXs

The combination of Asterisk and the Sangoma A-Series IP phones enables you to create a customized communications solution on a budget. Standard features, such as call waiting, call transfer, and auto-answer, make them an affordable option to complete your Asterisk phone system. With four models to choose from, you can find the handset that is right for each of your users – from the receptionist to the CEO. Everyone in your organization will enjoy the simplicity of the A-Series IP phones for Asterisk.

A-Series Review: "Inexpensive, yet feature-rich"

"I have to say, I’m very pleased with these new Asterisk phones! I find them very easy to configure, they sound great and have many features…kind of a mixture of many features we’ve always wanted from various other branded phones."
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Jim Prichard
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A-Series IP Phones

A30 IP Phone

An executive-level gigabit phone with 6 line registrations, full-color LCD display, a scroll key for accessing up to 45 contacts, and 2 switched 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports.

A25 IP Phone

A mid-level gigabit phone with 4 line registrations, two full-color LCD displays, a scroll key for accessing up to 30 contacts, and 2 switched 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports.

A22 IP Phone

An entry-level gigabit phone with 2 line registrations, a full-color LCD display, and 2 switched 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports.

A20 IP Phone

An entry-level value phone with 2 line registrations, a full-color LCD display, and 2 switched 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports.

The Best Value for Your Asterisk Solution

Keep your project costs to a minimum without sacrificing quality. The A-Series IP phones are equipped with full-color LCD screens, HD Voice, and multi-line functionality, giving you the most value for your budget. 

Each model supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) and features electronic hook switch (EHS) capabilities. All models except the A20 offer gigabit passthrough ports to support advanced network needs.

Asterisk Code

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Connect, Configure, Go

The A-Series IP phones for Asterisk provide the essential tools you need to connect your organization with the outside world. An extensive interface makes phone management easy and enables a straightforward deployment and configuration process. Additionally, the streamlined feature set provides users with the basic phone applications they need to do their jobs intuitively and efficiently.

Global Support and Localization

Sangoma IP phones feature graphic icons printed on the phone’s feature keys. Multiple languages and locales are supported for the on-screen interface, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Portuguese, and Russian, for communications around the world.

VoIP Phone Icons

A-Series IP phones are not supported for use with Switchvox. For phones supported with Switchvox, please see the D-Series IP Phones.

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