More AI Features for Your Contact Center With Sangoma CX 7.5

Building on the new, powerful AI features introduced to Sangoma CX already in 2024, our cloud contact center solution now expands its automation capabilities and adds other significant enhancements with our 7.5 release. The new version is even more capable, empowering agents, supervisors, and administrators in their day-to-day operations.

New Features in CX 7.5


  • AI Assist: Agents can now leverage the amazing powers of OpenAI for generating content effortlessly in Digital Channels. Boost response times and improve overall customer service by getting reply suggestions, spelling and grammar fixes, changing message length or tone, and simplifying what you want to tell your customer.

  • Speech Analytics: Available as a queue configuration setting for CX Premium Users, the novel Speech Analytics feature processes audio recordings to automatically generate call transcriptions, summaries, and sentiment analysis. Call sentiment, which can be positive, negative, or neutral, is provided for both individual call parties and for the overall conversation. The analytics capabilities will help supervisors easily gather valuable insights from audio data to audit agent-customer interactions.

  • Queue Status Viewer: Agents can now view the status of all queues they are assigned to at a glance, regardless of whether they are logged in to that queue or not. Accessible directly from the Agent Panel, this feature allows agents to easily identify which queues require their attention based on caller volume, and to provide help where their presence is most needed at any given time.

  • Phone Book Import: Seamlessly add Contacts in bulk to the embedded Phone Book in CX by importing a CSV file in a predefined template format.

  • Stop call recording on transfers: By default, if call recording is enabled, audio conversations continue to be recorded even after being transferred. However, in certain cases you may need to stop recording, such as when sensitive information is involved, for instance, in the case of a transfer to a doctor’s office. Now, you have the option to halt call recording during transfers for compliance purposes.


Release 7.5 also brings several other minor improvements, like the capability to export the Queue Annual report to a spreadsheet format, and a new simplified implementation for logging agent call flow for phone-only Agents, in simple call center setups. These improvements enhance the overall functionality and user experience for contact center administrators.

If you have any questions, need a quote, or require assistance with these new features, please reach out to us.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming enhancements and exciting new features in Sangoma CX!



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