Exciting Updates for Your Contact Center with Sangoma CX 7.4


We are thrilled to share the latest improvements to our Sangoma CX platform in its newly released version 7.4. Focusing on customer service and reporting capabilities enhancements, these updates will make your contact center experience more efficient, intelligent, and data-driven. Let’s dive in!



  • Social Channel Support – We have widened our omnichannel support to incorporate additional social messaging channels – WhatsApp and Telegram – so your customers can connect to you directly, using the world’s most popular messaging applications.
Telegram interaction - Agent side
Telegram interaction – Agent side
Telegram interaction - End-user side
Telegram interaction – End-user side


  • Virtual Agent Assistant – Integrate a Google DialogFlow FAQ chatbot directly into your Agent Panel, allowing agents to quickly find the best answers to questions, without leaving their interface.
  • WebChat Chatbot – Easily connect with the Google DialogFlow Chatbot to automate WebChat conversations, helping you to provide a smoother and more efficient customer experience.


  • In-Service Rework Detail – Keep track of customer interactions more effectively and conduct root cause analysis per caller ID with a comprehensive list of reworked phone numbers.
  • Call History – Improved access to specific call data is now available with a new Call History DID filter.
  • Normalize Report Filters – We have standardized filter options across reports and added an Active Queues Filter for consistency.
  • Smart Alerts – Be informed about critical pauses with Smart Alerts for Pause Codes.


Automated Data Export

The Automated Data Export now includes detailed information on Agent Hold times, Blind Transfer times and destinations, and an extended Queue Details container with a “Max Wait Time” setting for each queue.


  • Enhanced Extension Selection Tool The extension selection tool now matches the TeamHub look and feel, providing a consistent and user-friendly experience.
  • Queue Status Banner – Agents can now see call waiting times per queue, with the Queue Status banner displaying the waiting time of the longest-waiting call.



We are committed to continually improving your experience with Sangoma CX, and we know you will find these latest enhancements invaluable to your business operations.

For quotes, questions, or assistance with these new features, please reach out to us.

Thank you again for choosing Sangoma CX for your Contact Center needs!


The Sangoma Product Team


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