What is Unified Communications as a Service ?

A Unified Communications (UC) system is a VoIP phone system that integrates, or unifies, a spectrum of communication technologies and methods into a single platform. 

Most businesses communicate in a number of different ways, like voice, video, IM, email, etc. A UC system brings them all together to work seamlessly in one solution.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a deployment method for delivering UC to organizations via the Cloud. Unlike traditional on-premise UC systems, UCaaS acts like a subscription service with reduced or no upfront costs.

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Benefits of UCaaS

OpEx Model

Software Always Up-to-Date

Little or No IT Staff Needed


Easy Access

Guaranteed Support

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OpEx model

Because UCaaS is based on a subscription model, deploying a UCaaS solution requires little to no capital expenses. Purchasing an on-premise system requires hardware and the physical space for storing it. However, a UCaaS solution is stored offsite at the provider’s data center, freeing up your capital and storage. Additionally, many UCaaS providers offer IP phone rental programs that allow you to add the cost of phones to your monthly bill, which enables you to deploy a new phone system with zero upfront costs.
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Software Always Up-to-Date

Because UCaaS software is maintained by the provider, this ensures businesses always have the latest features available to solve their communications challenges. 

It also means that system administrators don’t have to worry about lengthy updates. Instead, a UCaaS provider will upgrade the system themselves with no work needed form the administrators.

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Little or No IT Staff Needed

With UCaaS solutions being deployed in the Cloud, there is no physical hardware to maintain, and the software is managed by the provider. This means the day-to-day phone system maintenance is no longer a burden to organizations. 

Now, small businesses can enjoy advanced UC features that were once reserved for larger companies with more resources. And, larger companies can allocate their technical staff to other projects without the need to focus on their communications platform.

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UCaaS solutions offer the unique advantage of being extremely scalable because you can easily add or remove users quickly.

With on-premise systems, you must plan in advance how much your business will grow and purchase the servers to match this assumption. Then, if you reach the limit of your current hardware, you must spend more capital to upgrade. However, with a UCaaS solution, you can simply add or remove users as needed.

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Easy Access

UCaaS solutions are deployed via the Cloud, making their user and admin portals accessible via the Internet. By having a web-based interface, UCaaS solutions are easy to access from anywhere. 

Additionally, most UCaaS solutions have mobile applications, allowing users to make and receive calls on their cellphone as if they are using their office phone. These mobile applications also give remote workers access to much of the same features available on an office phone, providing them true freedom to work from anywhere.

Guaranteed Support Icon

Guaranteed Support

With UCaaS solutions being a monthly subscription, they are backed by included support. Because the technology itself doesn’t live at your place of business, the provider is responsible for maintaining the system. 

If there’s an issue, all you usually have to do is report it to the provider’s technical support and they’ll take it from there.

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