The Top Gun Video Podcasts

I’ve done several video and voice podcasts over my career, and I wanted to single out a fun one I did recently with Steve Farmiloe on “The Top Gun Show” / #topgunshow.

This show is the most widely viewed and followed video podcast on LinkedIn in the telecommunications, VAR, and MSP industries. So it gets a good following, and I can see why. If you have 6 or 7 minutes, listen. It takes little time. And one thing Steve does differently is asking some non-business questions, which, to me anyway, makes it all interesting.

Steve understands the channel quite well and asked us relevant questions. A central theme, and why we decided to go on this show in the first place, was that Sangoma is getting a “buzz” in the channel.

What and why? So you can hear myself, Jamie Minner (CRO), Aaron Kanahale (VP of Strategic Relationships), Dan DeLozier (VP of Sales), and David Hardy / Chris Holloway (SVP Sales and SVP Channel Sales, respectively) talk about why we think this is so.

To go to the video podcasts, please go here and scroll down.

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