The Benefits of Using Managed Communication Services

If you are a UC user, you are likely on a UCaaS platform today. Depending on which analyst report you read, the number of installed and “being used” UC prem seats compared to the number of cloud UC seats has shifted towards UCaaS. And the revenue turned towards UCaaS many years ago. The shift to managed UC via UCaaS has happened because the benefits of UCaaS outweighed the benefits of UC. In a nutshell, the benefits are:

  1. Lower upfront fees
  2. Regulatory compliance is taken care of by the UCaaS vendor
  3. Security updates/patches are taken care of by the UCaaS vendor
  4. Other functionality updates are taken care of by the UCaaS vendor
  5. Deployment velocity (adding users, scaling) is faster
  6. Items 2-5 add up to reduced IT effort because this is a “Managed Service.”

These benefits also apply to any cloud service as well. As item 6 states, these managed services foster reduced IT effort. And that’s good because there is a lot the IT department needs to deal with. Cybersecurity, saving costs, etc. Other managed offerings, such as Security as a Service, SD-WAN, etc., can help you meet all your organization’s needs.

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