Vega 400GF Gateway


Provides High Density Fax over an IP Gateway

Sangoma’s Vega 400GF gateway provides data centers and service providers a rich set of Fax-over-IP (FoIP) features and functions suitable for high-speed, high-density fax production, saving you money on toll charges. The Vega 400GF connects your FoIP application to T1/E1 trunks to enable TDM connectivity when SIP trunks are not available, delivering highly reliable real-time faxing over the T.38 protocol. It comes with 4 T1/E1 ports for up to 120 licensed channels, and is optimized for high-density faxing. Since the T.38 protocol retains the standard T.30 fax data stream, the Vega 400GF can be used with legacy T.30-based devices and with newer T.38-based solutions.