Success Story

Quo Vadis

Mission Critical Technology Company Grows Their Business With Sangoma's Contact Center Solution

The Customer

Quo Vadis is a multi-service IT company with over 20 years of expertise that specializes in providing mission critical technology services and support to small businesses. They provide wise counsel, technology solutions, and peace of mind to over 200 customers worldwide with their robust staff and engineering team. To do this, they leverage Sangoma’s complete UCaaS suite including the Contact Center platform to help provide their customers with efficient, top-notch customer service.

Business Challenges

Quo Vadis is a longtime Sangoma Partner, customer, and veteran user of Contact Center. Before they switched to Sangoma, Quo Vadis used a regular POTS phone system and found they quickly outgrew it–even while trying to manage exponential costs. Sangoma’s cloud-native phone service and solutions dramatically cut costs and changed the way Quo Vadis worked for the better. In addition, they were introduced to Contact Center which helped them improve their customer management and overall business.

Solutions from Sangoma

Quo Vadis went from bare bones customer management to building call queues and then to the advanced features of Contact Center over the course of a few years. With Contact Center, they enjoy the flexibility of the cloud-based platform and seamless agent logins, callback features, intuitive alerts, failover, and easy call tracking data. They use Contact Center internally to help resolve their customers’ tech support issues, provide counsel, and assist with other administrative issues.

The Results

Contact Center allows Quo Vadis to streamline their business processes like never before. It helps them save time, offer remote working opportunities to their engineers, leverage different queues for specialized purposes (such as their first-line and senior engineer queues), and schedule lunches for engineers without losing any service time for incoming calls. One of their favorite features is the new callback option which allows their customers to press a button for callback service as soon as an agent is available to service their call. This feature has greatly helped them reduce complexities in their customer service queues. Contact Center has eliminated their downtime and busy signals for customers, as well as escalation to senior engineers since all of their calls are managed efficiently from the very start. “We could not have grown as we did without Sangoma,” said Joseph Squicciarini, CEO and Founder of Quo Vadis. Thanks to Contact Center and Sangoma’s increasingly competitive UCaaS portfolio, Quo Vadis continues to see excellent results and are able to deliver exceptional service to their customers.