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P310 and P315 Phones

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During a call, press the Conference softkey. Dial the third participant’s number, or use Contacts. Press the Conference softkey to connect all participants. To split a conference into separate calls with each participant, press the Split softkey and select the participant to drop from the call.
Contacts are used for rapid dialing, and for finding detailed information about someone. You can use Contacts from within Transfer and Conference. To see the Detail page for a contact, press the Show softkey in a list of contacts. Details include the person’s Status. Your contacts can also define your Rapid Dial Keys. Use the Web Suite (Features > Phonebooks > Phonebook Options) to define those User Keys. A P310 or P315 phone may only map a single Rapid Dial entry to Line 2, if that line is otherwise unused for a SIP line.
Pick up the handset, or press a line key and dial a number. Or, dial a number and press the Dial softkey. You can also use Contacts or Call Log to find the number you want, then press the Dial softkey. If you use Contacts, you can dial a coworker’s Voicemail.
During a call, press Hold. The line key flashes red. Press either the flashing line key or the Resume softkey to resume the call.
Press the Info softkey followed by a line key to display a detail page for that key.
The menu application is accessed using the Menu softkey. It contains configuration and information screens for your phone.
During a call, press the Park softkey. Then you or a coworker can answer the call from another phone by either dialing that Parking extension or by pressing the Parked Calls softkey and answering the call. From the idle screen: press the More... softkey, then Parked Calls.
Pick up the handset, or press a softkey: Answer, Ignore, Transfer, or Send VM. Ignore makes the call stop ringing but uses your Call Rules. Transfer lets you transfer the call. Send VM sends the call to your voicemail regardless of your Call Rules.
Press the Redial button to redial the last call you made. (If you have multiple lines, Redial automatically uses the correct line.)
Press the Status softkey to change your status. Do Not Disturb sends incoming calls to your voicemail (and declines queue calls). Your coworkers see your Status on their phone or Switchboard. You can use Call Rules to manage incoming calls based on different Status Options.
Assisted– During a call, press the Transfer button. Enter a number or press the Contacts softkey to find a number. Press the Dial softkey. When someone answers, inform them of the call to be transferred. Press the Transfer softkey, and the transfer is completed. Unassisted (blind)– During a call, press the Transfer button. Enter a number or press the Contacts softkey to find a number. Press the Transfer softkey, and the transfer is completed. Transfer to Voicemail– If you used Contacts for a transfer, you can press the Transfer VM softkey instead of Transfer. That transfers the call to that contact’s voicemail.
Press the Messages button to dial your voicemail extension.