Success Story

Eagleville Eye Clinic

Tennessee Based Optometrist Turns to Sangoma’s SmartOffice to Address Premise Access

The Customer

Based out of Eagleville, TN, this optometrist office started its journey over 20 years ago. Since then, Eagleville Eye Clinic has been providing full-service optometry services for four different communities across Southern Middle Tennessee.

Business Challenges

Nestled within a sizeable building with multiple entry and exit points, Eagleville Eye Clinic was looking for a solution that would provide ease of management for premise access, while enhancing security and reporting. The clinic had a dental office as a tenant within that building and had also undergone some staffing changes. They needed a failproof way to track who entered and left the building, especially outside of business hours. Their building was also undergoing renovations, and contractors needed back door access without disrupting the goings on of the practice. Eagleville Eye Clinic was looking for a cost-effective and modern solution to address premise access.

Solutions from Sangoma

Eagleville Eye Clinic partnered with Joe Cron, of LBMC, a registered Sangoma partner, out of Brentwood, TN, to solve the issues they wanted to address. After speaking with the clinic, Joe determined that they needed a solution that allowed remote administration (for him to manage at LBMC), custom passcodes and smartphone app access, NFC access support, and multi-tenant support for the dental office. After reviewing more costly access control options, Joe determined that Sangoma’s SmartOffice Access Control product would be a cost-effective solution to all of their business needs.

The Results

Joe and his team were able to install Sangoma’s SmartOffice Access solution on 3 of the clinic’s doors. While installing the solution, Joe and the Eagleville Eye Clinic staff discovered how easy it was to assign both door access codes and grant access via the SmartOffice Access smartphone app for the team. Joe and the clinic staff were able to quickly and easily onboard their staff and the contractors. With SmartOffice’s multi-tenant capabilities, Joe was also able to outfit the dental office with their own SmartOffice setup. After installing and using SmartOffice Access, the Eagleville Eye Clinic staff loved how easy it was to use the solution. “Using NFC to simply wave our smartphones near a door for access is a joy to use and one of the best features of SmartOffice,” says Dr.Rena at Eagleville. “Since users are comfortable using NFC for other activities, using NFC for door access is a natural process.” With Sangoma, Joe was able to make yet another company happy with the Sangoma portfolio.