Success Story


ANTlabs Achieves Customer Service Excellence with a Full Set of UC Solutions from Sangoma

The Customer

ANTlabs Pte Ltd is a leading internet business enabler. As the Asia Pacific market leader for service gateways, ANTlabs provides award winning technology solutions for the hospitality sector, large venue network operators and telcos. For more than 16 years, ANTlabs has enabled viable business models and faster ROI for telcos, ISPs, airports, hotels, campuses, shopping malls, stadium, and convention centers using end-to-end solutions with key patented technologies. ANTlab’s solutions meet both current and future demands with scalability, telco-grade reliability, and enterprise-grade performance.

Business Challenges

Lantone Systems Pte Ltd, Sangoma’s partner in Singapore, played a major role in demonstrating to ANTlabs how a Sangoma PBX can be configured to allow employees to connect to the system from a remote office or through mobile devices, facilitating the mobility of the company’s workforce. Lantone also demonstrated the High Availability (HA) Solution, a very important requirement for the customer, backed by former’s ability to provide 24/7 around-the-clock technical support in case of downtime, and to carry out routine maintenance. To improve the overall security of the telephony system, Sangoma’s Session Border Controller (SBC) was incorporated into the network design, for the purpose of screening incoming calls from the Internet router. ANTlabs was convinced of the benefits that the Sangoma solution would offer, and engaged Lantone Systems to carry out the transition to the new telephony system. The primary systems deployed were:  Sangoma’s FreePBX 100 appliances in HA.  Sangoma’s Enterprise Session Border Controller.  Sangoma’s Vega Analog FXS Analog Gateway. The basis of the system was a high-availability setup to ensure 24/7 continuous uptime for ANTlab’s telephony system, along with support for an analog-based fire alarm system for the company’s office building. While ANTlabs originally relied on the analog telephone lines utilized by its original Cisco system, Lantone Systems implemented a more reliable alternative in Starhub SIP lines and routers, along with a Hoiio redundant SIP Trunk for a backup option. The Session Border Controller (SBC) was implemented to ensure security and to facilitate incoming external calls from employees’ personal mobile phones. A Vega analog gateway’s deployment was carried to support fax capabilities.

Solutions from Sangoma

2X Communications was operating three different hosted systems when they contacted VoIP Innovations, a Sangoma Company, about setting up and connecting SIP trunks for these systems. Using VoIP Innovations’ standard rate deck offered substantial savings over the per-line retail SIP trunking they were currently using. And much to their surprise, it took less than 30 minutes for the team to complete the connections and the systems to start receiving traffic.

The Results

To leverage the legacy system to the max, the Sangoma PBX setup in the Singapore office of ANTlabs was connected to their existing Cisco system still in use at their Malaysia office. This enabled ANTlabs to make mammoth savings on their telephone bills by allowing low-cost calls over the Internet between the two international branches. The comprehensive yet cost-effective installation was successful in introducing the new features of modern IP telephony, much required by ANTlabs, on top of their stated business requirements. Sangoma solutions, skillfully deployed by Lantone, gave a tremendous push towards solving ANTlabs’ challenge of dealing with the limitations of the legacy PBX.