PCI Compliance: How the Sangoma P-Series Business Phone System Can Keep You Out of Jail

There was a time when cash was king. Today, however, not so much.

Paying over the phone for everything from fast food to a holiday abroad has become the norm for millions of consumers who prioritise modern convenience over traditional transacting.

Protection from fraud is, of course, paramount, which is why strict rules exist. Phones used by businesses to take payments must be Payment Card Industry-compliant. They must feature ‘pause-and-resume’ functionality for use at the critical point that customers provide their payment card details. Also, all transactional calls and call recordings must be encrypted.

Breaching these rules can lead to seriously big fines capable of dealing a catastrophic blow to profit and reputation. Ultimately, in the most extreme cases, non-compliance can even lead to jail!

Next year, the rules change: an update to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DDS) which beefs-up protection, but which also places new obligations on in-scope organisations. In a world in which technology plays a vital part in the way over-the-phone transactions occur, it is the perfect time for businesses and their Managed Service Providers to also change things up – upgrading desk and softphones that support that all-important compliance.

Choose Sangoma’s award-nominated P-Series Desk and Softphone, and that-all important compliance also comes with a feature set that ensures the wider desk calling experience is rich and rewarding for both callers and agents. High-definition audio, unprecedented plug-and-play deployment, and advanced IP applications as standard that include voicemail, call log, contacts, phone status, user presence, call parking, and more. Big and bold, yet at the same time stylish and sleek, its ergonomic design leverages the beauty of angles, curves and corners to provide users with brilliant visibility of and access to its bright touchscreen display and lightweight receiver, regardless of where they sit or stand. The audio is crisp and clear, the management and compliance of calls is fast and effective, and overall satisfaction levels are high. For callers, that overall high-quality reflects favourably on the brands or organisations with which they interact.

Importantly, the P-Series’ versatile compatibility with both PBX and cloud-based voice systems also means it can be deployed on different platforms in different spaces whilst maintaining an organisation’s look-and-feel. In addition, the P-Series is the only Desk Phone designed to be fully-compatible with Sangoma’s wider communications portfolio – further enhancing its value to Sangoma customers and enabling its commercial reseller partners to benefit from the efficiency and simplicity of stocking and supporting just one Sangoma phone product line. The P-Series brings yet more added value too. The rarest of combinations: it appeals to all types of user groups, at a price point that suits all types of budgets.

For user organisations and their MSPs, we think that makes for a compelling offer all-round.

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