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Intuitive and Easy to Deploy Mobile Softphone

Allow staff to work remotely using the Sangoma Connect Mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Employees can enjoy voice and Sangoma Meet multi-party video collaboration, using their business extension, while keeping their personal device information private.
The intuitive onboarding process sends an auto-generated email to each user upon activation from the PBX with simple instructions for them to download the app with instant log-in. It’s as simple as that!
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Features Include:

Audio & Video Calls using Your extension

Make and receive calls using your mobile device, while protecting personal phone number, using mobile data or a WiFi connection.
Sangoma Connect Contacts List

3-way Conferencing

Make and receive calls using your mobile device, while protecting personal phone number, using mobile data or a WiFi connection.
Sangoma Connect - 3 Way calling

QuickDial with BLF

Create a list of favorite contacts for easy access with BLFs (Busy Lamp Field) that also show the current status of your colleagues.
Sangoma Connect Quick Dial

Do-Not-Disturb (DND)

Silence all inbound business calls when you don’t want to be disturbed, manually or using the scheduling feature to automatically set DND when outside of business hours.
Sangoma Connect DnD mode

Multi-Language Support

Support for dozens of languages means your employees can work comfortably, anywhere in the world.
Sangoma Connect iOS - Language selection

Powerful Call Control

Users can easily blind transfer and warm transfer client calls, record calls, and have 3-way conference conversations. 

Sangoma Connect IOS - Contact - Adam Gilbert
Switching the call between audio and video is very easy too.
Sangoma Connect Call Preview

SMS Your Clients

Create an omnichannel experience with your customers with SMS support using your existing business line, when combined with SIPStation SIP trunking service.

SMS Your Clients with Sangoma Connect

Secure Provisioning and Onboarding – Made Easy!

The Sangoma Connect Mobile app offers the most intuitive onboarding experience.

System administrators simply enable access for users from the PBXact or FreePBX admin interface and an auto-generated email is sent to each user with simple instructions to download the app and automatic sign-in. It’s really that simple!
Our built-in cloud provisioning service automatically handles certificate management, saving you time manually signing and installing certificates on your phone system and enabling remote access for users.
Sangoma Connect users are also protected by TLS/SRTP encryption, which means their phone calls are kept private while on cellular or WiFi connections, and your business is secured from any unauthorized connections.
Onboarding Made Easy

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