Off-Network E911 Services

If your E911 services are not meeting your needs, it’s time to consider additional options. Your current provider might not offer the services, or you may not be happy with their pricing. Now let’s say you want to explore new providers, but don’t necessarily want to port your numbers to a new carrier. One solution could be to take advantage of off-network E911 service from Sangoma.

These E911 services are designed to support DIDs with E911 service, even if they are not on the Sangoma carrier services network. This allows the calling party to broadcast any caller ID they want while ensuring that the 911 operator receives the correct address information.

Off-net E911 registration works the exact same way an on-network E911 registration does. You would simply log into the BackOffice portal and register the DID with E911 service. This gets registered into a 911 database so that the 911 operator receives the correct address information from the caller.

Choosing to do an off-net E911 registration can also be helpful during the number porting process. While a DID is waiting to port, customers can register it as an off-net registration. When the port completes, the number will be considered an on-net registration. This helps avoid unnecessary surcharges for any unregistered 911 calls.

There are many benefits to choosing Sangoma as your off-net E911 service provider. Here are a few:

  • E911 registration is quick and straightforward in the BackOffice interface.
  • Flexibility in address registration.
  • Dial “933” to test E911 services without unnecessary test calls to 911 operators.
  • Free email and SMS alert system to notify specific people in the event a call is placed to 911 emergency services.
  • Categorize similar data by using the E911 Groups feature.

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