More Reasons to Utilize SD-WAN

Last month, Sangoma partnered with Frost and Sullivan to offer a leading-edge webinar regarding the state of SD-WAN.

SD-WAN is growing quite well, primarily because of all the cloud applications requiring resources and the need for a business to ensure that it has sufficient internet access at an affordable price. But SD-WAN is relatively complex to operate, so 91% of all SD-WAN installations are either of the fully-managed or co-managed variety. If you are looking for a solution to help your business, Sangoma can help you.

One new learning that makes sense but I hadn’t thought much about before is that all these new “smart” IoT applications will require even more bandwidth, smart scaling, and intelligent routing, making SD-WAN even more important. So if you haven’t deployed SD-WAN yet, at some point, soon you will want to for the continued health of your business.

If you want to listen to a webinar replay, please go here.

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