Making it Easy for SMBs Looking for Communications Solutions

You may have noticed back in April; we announced our bundles. And I’ve gotten a few questions about what’s that all about and why we did it.

First, let me address what it is all about. For some time in Sangoma, we have been trying to address the complexity a business has in buying multiple cloud communication solutions. From UCaaS to video meetings to collaboration to fax to internet access to SD-WAN to security, organizations have to sift through different vendors, contracts, user types and options, pricing structures, etc., when purchasing services. We’ve heard this from both partners and end-users. Yes, we understand it is not easy. And it’s confusing. And it takes time. It takes time.

So at the heart of the Sangoma Suite is making it easy to buy and understand what you are getting. The Suite is centered around purchasing UCaaS and adding on top of other services you might need in an easy-to-understand manner. So I hope if you are evaluating us, this comes through.

And why did we do it? In many ways, we are unique in that we offer all of what an SMB might need for communications – UCaaS (phone calls, collaboration, video meetings), add-on services such as fax and contact center, and also offer MSP type services such as internet access options, security, and SD-WAN. We are unique in providing all of these services. So our bundles take this into account – easy to understand what you are getting, with easy-to-understand pricing if you take the optional services.

Please go here to learn more about how our bundles might help you.

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