End of the Telephone?? Part 2

In my last blog, I wrote about why the “end of the telephone” is the wrong scenario for personal calls. In this blog, I will discuss why that kind of scenario is wrong for business calls.

I am sure some of you think I am nuts to write that and go, “I haven’t been on a work telephone call in a long time.” And that is true for you, and I will not argue your truth. And that is also true for many people, who subsequently write articles like “end of telephone.”

And that is where, to me, it gets dicey. Because you, as knowledge workers, do not represent the entirety of people communicating and talking in the business world. You live your day when communicating with other people, as I largely do on instant messaging and video calls. And that is fine, and that is certainly a big, substantial change from 10 years ago and something that accelerated when we all had to work from home back in 2020.

But I know there are many, many, many businesses who need a business phone system to make and take phone calls from customers. I know that since this is our core customer base at Sangoma. These businesses have customer-facing workers who need to use a phone number to make and take calls or send text messages. Just think about the last month – you probably needed to call or get a call/text from a small business, whether it was your dentist, your pharmacy, your lawyer, a restaurant, a field service rep, etc.

And many of them still use desk phones. We still sell them and sell a lot of them, so I know businesses use them. Or they just use their smartphone with an app on it that has their business phone number. Or use an app on their laptop (that still has a dial pad format, BTW to make the calls). So, let’s not forget about the phone call and how important it is to many, many businesses. Even if you personally do not use one every day, businesses still need to make/take phone calls to thrive.

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