Demystifying 10DLC: Unpacking Trust Scores and Campaign Registration

10DLC (10 Digit Long Code) has evolved into a potent tool for application-to-person (A2P) corporate messaging, but new registration mandates from carriers have emerged. What’s the reason for registration? How does it work?

Just like your commitment to delivering stellar service to your customers, carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile are keen on ensuring their customers’ satisfaction. This means they’re intent on curbing spam and unwanted messages from businesses – a protective measure for their brand.

With the application of these A2P 10DLC rules, carriers are proactively identifying the senders and the content of the messages. The process begins with the one-off registration of your organization, referred to as the brand. Following this, you’ll need to register for a campaign – your use case that demonstrates your intended use of SMS.

While the decline in spam is positive, customers might not see much difference in the A2P messages they receive from businesses. A crucial aspect of the 10DLC Campaign Registry is to build trust. You register your brand, detailing your business and its intent, which gives carriers an understanding of whether they can trust you or not.

Multiple elements contribute to a brand’s trust score, including the brand’s industry, the intended use of SMS, and the brand’s compliance history. Carriers are keen to understand the nature of your business and the intent behind your messages before you start sending A2P messages.

Registering for a 10DLC campaign can be a significant first step in proving to carriers that you are not a spammer and can be trusted. Carriers use a 1 to 5 scale to rate brands, which is then stored in their database. Here’s a simple guideline for understanding this score:

  1. High Risk: Unfortunately, you’re seen as a threat. Your messages will be sent at the lowest rate.
  2. Moderate Risk: You’re not seen as entirely reliable. Your messages will be sent at a slightly higher rate than the lowest.
  3. Low Risk: There’s a level of trust. Your messages will be sent at a standard rate.
  4. Trusted: You’re seen as reliable. Your messages will be sent at a high rate.
  5. Very Trusted: You’re seen as highly reliable. Your messages will be sent at the highest rate.

Being in the process of registering your brand and campaign, there are a few things you need to be aware of. You can’t just start sending out messages – there are steps to follow that will determine the success of your campaign or your messaging ability.

The process of getting a trust score is designed to ensure that you’re not seen as a risk. Once you’ve registered your brand and campaign, you’ll have to wait to receive your trust score. Once you do, your messages will be sent.

In case you have restrictions, you might want to consider talking with your carrier to get approved. But if you decide to apply for the highest trust score, you’ll have no restrictions on your messaging, provided you’re not seen as a high risk.

The main advantage of 10DLC is that it provides a better balance between high throughput rates and more reliable delivery. However, it’s important to note that your trust score can directly influence your carrier fees and your message throughput ability.

How Sangoma Makes it Easy For You To Register for 10DLC

To comply with 10DLC, every organization sending text messages is required to register their brand (the legal entity responsible for the content of the messages) with The Campaign Registry. If you are using one of Sangoma’s UCaaS platforms, we’ve taken care of this registration process for you with a simple form you can complete online.

If you are a voice or communication service provider using Sangoma’s wholesale carrier services (formerly known as VI Communication Services), we’ve integrated the registration process directly into our BackOffice portal. This allows you to quickly collect information from your customers and get their numbers registered on their behalf. If you’d like more information on 10DLC and how Sangoma can help you and your customers, feel free to reach out to us!

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