Communications and the Hospitality Market

I used to wonder why phones were in hotel rooms anymore. You don’t need to call out or receive phone calls from outside the building anymore, given we all have cell phones now. But I started learning more about this market, and guess what – you need a phone in the room. People call for room service, and people call for more towels; you never know when you might need to call 911, etc. Just because I haven’t used the hotel room phone in a while doesn’t mean no one else does. So you need a phone 😊

Last month, you might have noticed that Sangoma announced a partnership with GrayMatter Networks. They have built a specific hospitality module that works in conjunction with Sangoma’s UCaaS platforms PBXact and FreePBX.

GrayMatter’s BrainBox interfaces with hospitality property management systems to enable a comprehensive suite of hospitality-centric features, including enhanced wake-up calls, call accounting, voicemail, housekeeping room status, next-generation 911 compliance, and more.

Sangoma historically has supported different vertical communication markets, and we’re happy to work with GrayMatter Networks to provide best-in-class solutions that enable hospitality businesses to improve operational efficiency, enhance guest services, and streamline communication workflows.

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