Benefits of Mobility in the Modern Workforce

For many professions, work is no longer about where a person is, but how much they can accomplish independent of where they are. Unified Communications (UC) takes advantage of smartphones, Wi-Fi, and 4G to enable workers to be productive whether they are at a desk or away from the office. Mobility features for UC systems give employees access to their most popular tools and features from anywhere.

Softphone apps allow employees to take the power of their phone system with them on their mobile device. They give employees access to advanced features such as voicemail, call rules, IM, push notifications, presence, and company directory, without needing to be in the office. Additionally, employees can use mobile softphone apps to make calls on their personal devices while using their work phone number to protect their privacy.

Benefits of Mobility

Better Communication

Mobility gives away-from-desk employees access to the same advanced UC features as their in-office coworkers, allowing them to communicate from their home computer, on a laptop, in the field, or from their mobile device. This allows them to stay in touch with colleagues and clients, regardless of their location.

Attract Top Talent

Having a more mobile and distributed workforce means access to a greater talent pool. It provides better opportunities to attract the top employees in your industry, giving your company a competitive advantage.

Lower Costs

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a growing trend that allows employees to use their own technology devices, such as smartphones and tablets, for both personal and work-related tasks. This saves companies money by eliminating the need to purchase a desk phone for every single employee.

Mobility Solutions from Sangoma

Sangoma offers complete Unified Communications solutions with advanced mobility features. Switchvox offers a fully-featured, turnkey Unified Communications experience for one low price and includes free access to a web-based Switchboard and Switchvox Mobile app for iOS, Android, and desktop. Our award-winning PBXact is a customizable UC platform based on FreePBX that includes Zulu UC, a WebRTC-based desktop and mobile softphone application.

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