What kind of companies would use Desktop-as-a-Service?

Desktop-as-a-Service DaaS DiagramWhat kind of companies might utilize a cloud-based virtual desktop (Desktop-as-a-Service or DaaS for short)? It could be any, but they would generally fall into a couple of categories:

  1. Companies that want to minimize laptop costs
  2. Companies that want to control employee data access have – i.e., no downloading of files to personal computers (financial institutions, government agencies, etc.)
  3. Companies that want to outsource “security of data” as much as possible
  4. Seasonal or project-based businesses where giving laptops to contractors or seasonal employees isn’t practical

Is this for every company? No. I certainly like my laptop, and I like the applications on it. I do a lot of work when I’m not connected to the Internet.

But this might make sense for your company, especially as you move forward. How do I get this? The delivery and sales model are very similar to other cloud applications such as UCaaS. The DaaS provider sets up the service, and the business “buys” the service through a monthly subscription licensing model for its employees.

Sangoma offers DaaS services today. We have customers big and small using our DaaS solution. Many of our customers come to us initially for our UCaaS solution, and then when in discussions with them, they’ve been open to moving everything to the cloud. Our DaaS solution offers them the ability to do this, with the emphasis we can give on UCaaS.

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