UCaaS Futures Musings Podcast

In December, I did a podcast with Isha Mukherjee, our Asia-Pac marketing wiz. We talked about a bunch of things, ranging from our new logo, to what happened to UC in 2022, to my thoughts on UC in 2023.

If you want listen to whole podcast, just go here.

For this blog, though, I just want to focus on my thoughts for UC in 2023. I encapsulated my thoughts into the term “Smart Business”. This could mean multiple things, such as making your business smarter through using UC. And I certainly see that. In the Frost and Sullivan blog from a few weeks ago, I talked about the integration of contact center, unified communications, and CPaaS. And I certainly see that moving quite far along in 2023, even bringing in some aspects of AI that’s already in the contact center towards UC. And utilizing CPaaS apps to augment the UC system, so that the UC system is “smart” for your business. In other words, it does what you need it to do.

And that brings us to another meaning of Smart Business, which is doing business in a smart way. I think we’ll see more one-stop shopping with cloud communications in general. If there is a global slowdown, then businesses unfortunately may not be able to keep the same number of employees. There would likely be retrenchment. And this means you need to do business smarter in order to keep the same level of service, and to even grow. One way to do that, is to get your cloud communications from one provider. One bill, one place to talk to, many less headaches. Focus your people on growing the business, not the back-end that runs the business. UCaaS, Contact Center, Augmentation Apps, Collaboration, Video Meetings, and MSP services – all from one vendor, servicing you well. That is Sangoma.

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