UCaaS and the Education Industry: Equip Your School with Cutting-Edge Communications

With Sangoma’s Education Solutions, School is Never Out for the Summer

Education requires total commitment, and for good reason. After all, it involves nothing less than preparing young people for lifelong personal and professional success. Considering the stakes, school systems should prioritize high-quality and worry-free communications, but all too often they face challenges implementing and supporting the latest in telephony. Let’s explore why.

Barriers to High-Quality School Communication

School administrators are often confronted with funding shortfalls and end up scrapping IT investments. If that isn’t bad enough, many schools don’t have a permanent IT professional on staff, which means critical communications infrastructure goes unmaintained and improvements fall to the wayside.

On top of this, user-friendliness inhibits the successful implementation of next-generation communications systems. Educators need systems they can easily pick up and run with, especially given the fact that “13.8 percent of U.S. teachers are either leaving their school or the profession altogether.” With this in mind, it’s clear that successful systems can’t require a steep learning curve. Educators need a solution that lets them focus on what matters most: teaching! 

Thankfully, there is a solution that overcomes these not-so-insignificant barriers: Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). 

What is UCaaS?

Educators require an easy way to interact with parents, administrators, students, and coworkers. Many schools have answered that call by discarding existing telephony for cutting-edge voice over internet protocol (VoIP) solutions that pair high-quality voice with unified communication (UC) tools to create UCaaS systems. Uniting technologies like voice, video conferencing, instant messaging, email, SMS, and fax into a single platform, UCaaS is an affordable and customizable system that adapts to the needs of any school network. It can also have hugely positive implications for an organization’s overall effectiveness and culture, with recent survey data showing UCaaS translating to better productivity for 72% of respondents, higher collaboration for 91%, and faster problem solving for 88%.

Ditch “Old-School” Methods

“Parent notes” are a critical tool for keeping parents informed, but how often are they left in backpacks, found on the floor of the bus, or worse – eaten by the dog? With UCaaS in an educator’s corner, teachers can ditch these types of archaic communication methods in favor of crystal-clear voice or high-resolution video. Whether it be a one-on-one call with a co-worker or student, or a group video conference with parents, the flexibility maximizes the effectiveness of a school’s messaging by supporting whichever channel works best for the stakeholders involved. And this is just one example; the possibilities are practically endless when technology is on your side. 

User-Friendly, Affordable Communications are as

Easy as 1, 2, 3

As a seasoned IT vendor successfully equipping schools with the best communication solutions for years, Sangoma has discovered an ideal way forward. By striking a much-needed balance through “must have” features while also remaining affordable, we ensure that schools will never be “out for the summer” or any other season when they work with us. 

“It looks like we are saving about $400 a month so far,” said Sadie O’Brien, IT director for the Shiocton School District, after deciding to transition to [Sangoma] Switchvox.

By eliminating up-front costs, Sangoma UC expertly walks the fine line between offering advanced communication features without straining an institution’s IT funding. Additional savings are gained from low annual fees, and the solution operates through an all-inclusive pricing model. This fixed, consistent, subscription-style billing structure fits comfortably within school system budgets. 

What’s in it for You?

Sangoma UC doesn’t just solve problems created by sparse technology budgets, it also addresses the administrative challenges faced by these institutions. The system can be administered via a single computer connected to the network – with no coding required. Everything is geared toward lowering the learning curve and easing the burden for education professionals right from the get-go. Let’s take a closer look at how it can impact some of the primary stakeholders within a given school district: 

IT Professionals: IT support staff gain major advantages with Sangoma UC in that it requires no special software, hardware, or license keys – meaning there’s nothing to download or install. The entire system can be managed through a single pane of glass with customizable views and widgets. With a subscription-based model, dealing with lengthy updates or cumbersome maintenance becomes a thing of the past, instead transitioning to the vendor’s responsibility. 

Teachers: The typical teacher is overworked and overwhelmed, meaning that any technology they use must always help, never hinder. Sangoma UC is simple and intuitive enough that teachers can simply pick it up and immediately start taking advantage of its mobility features, dedicated conference rooms, and more. 

Administrators: Administrators within school districts have a lot on their plates – from tracking absences, to managing calls from parents and staff, to sending out alerts and emergency messages. Sangoma streamlines these workflows considerably with a full suite of easy-to-learn features, such as IVR, auto attendant, receptionist console, mobile and desktop apps, and RAY BAUM compliance.

Move Education into the Future with Sangoma

As a 100% web-based system, Sangoma UC centralizes communications and ensures access to all messages, applications, and tools, regardless of where users are or what device they’re using. 

Having equipped more than 1,000 schools, we’re well aware of the communication challenges faced by school districts. This includes chronic problems with funding, adequate IT support, and the pressing need for high-quality anytime/anywhere connections between students, teachers, and parents. However, through our UCaaS system, schools can equip themselves with cutting-edge communications that provide comprehensive benefits for less time and effort. 

Want to learn more about Sangoma and how it can transform your district? Download our free eBook today!

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