Dialogic Boards

Dialogic High-Density Modem Boards

Available in 1, 2, 4 and 8E1 variants the Diva V-xPRI Media Boards offer the scope to build high density modem banks with up to 240 ports in a single server. Ideal for a variety of applications ranging from point of sale termination through to monitoring and termination of utility metering devices.

Supported under both Windows and Linux the Diva V-xPRI Media Boards enable COM port or TTY port emulation in the operating system so enabling transparent support of existing modem / COM port applications.

Modem Board Features

reduce footprint

Up to four or more Diva V-xPRI Media Boards of the same or different capacity can operate concurrently in a single server, depending on the application and performance of the server hardware.

keep host server performance high

Can remove performance bottlenecks by offloading key real-time tasks that would ordinarily place an excessive burden on the host server, allowing Quality of Service (for data integrity and connection speed) to be more consistent.

powerful on-board performance

Onboard CPU with large RAM and powerful FPGA chip for fast data streaming between the host CPU, the DSPs, the phone line, and the other active components onboard.

quick deployment

Reduces porting efforts and time to market by making Diva Media Boards compatible with notable standard telephony and communications applications.

common design

Supports the same programming interfaces as other Diva® Media Boards, including Dialogic® Diva® APIs, CAPI, TTY, COM port, and others.

scalable and flexible

Easy scalability and flexibility to address an organization’s fixed and GSM modem needs in diverse environments.

Licensed feature

Enable modem ports via license.

Modem Board Specifications

Modem Standards Supported

  • Bell 103, Bell 212A, V.21, V.22, V.22 fast connect. V.22bis, V.29, V.29 fast connect, V.32, V.32bis, V.34, V.90
  • V.42, V.42bis, MNP4, MNP5, V.110, V.120
  • eCall PSAP – supporting IVS (in vehicle systems)
  • Modem with extension: V.18, V.21, Bell 103, V.23, EDT, Baudot45/47/50 incl. DTMF, V.42, V.42bis.

B-Channel Protocols Supported

  • Transparent HDLC, Transparent Voice, Synchronous PPP and MLPPP, X.75 (LAPB)
  • X.75/V.42bis, LAPD, T.90NL, T.70NL, X.25, X.31, Rate adaption (56 kbps), PIAFS 1.0 / 2.0, SDLC


  • x1 lane PCIe connection with the Single, Dual and Quad span cards being half length full height and the Octal card and FS Quad span card are full length, full height.


  • Diva V-1PRI/E1/T1-30 PCIe HS 306–398 - Single PRI (E1 / T1)
  • Diva V-2PRI/E1/T1-60 PCIe HS 306–397 - Dual PRI (E1 / T1)
  • Diva V-4PRI/E1/T1-120 PCIe HS 306–396 - Quad PRI (E1 / T1)
  • Diva V-4PRI/E1/T1-120 PCIe FS 306–403 - Quad PRI (E1 / T1)
  • Diva V-8PRI/E1/T1-240 PCIe FS 306–404 - Octal PRI (E1 / T1)
  • G01-033 - Per modem port enabling license

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