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D/42JCT-U and D/82JCT-U PBX Integration Board

Dialogic PBX Integration BoardsThe Dialogic D/42JCT-U and D/82JCT-U PBX integration boards offers advanced digital connectivity to many popular private branch exchanges (PBXs) for unified and Internet-ready call, voice, and fax processing applications in small- to medium-sized enterprises.

Featuring programmable soft-ports capable of supporting voice, fax, call handling, and host-based speech technologies, the D/42JCT-U and D/82JCT-U reduce the cost of ownership for systems requiring multimedia functionality. The universal PBX interface of the D/82JCT-U offers downloadable firmware for a selection of widely used telephone equipment switches. Support for advanced PBX features such as called and calling number identification, message waiting notification, busy lamp fields, and disconnect supervision is useful for developing unified messaging, interactive voice response (IVR), and call management solutions.

By choosing the D/42JCT-U or the D/82JCT-U for enterprise applications, developers eliminate the complexities associated with analog or T1 integration, as well as costly investments in proprietary computer-telephone integration (CTI) links.

JCT Board Features

Multiple Protocol Support Icon
PBX compatibility

Four/Eight digital interfaces to Avaya, Mitel, NEC Nortel, and Siemens switches.

Flexible Icon

Phone-emulated supervised/unsupervised transfers and disconnect supervision.

Interoperability Icon
codec support

Supports GSM and G.726, the coders of choice for Internet-ready unified messaging applications.

Flexible Media Support Icon
embedded switches

Enables tight, direct switch integration that eliminates the need for expensive digital/analog conversion cards or serial ports.

Simplified Deployment Icon
Fast transfer

Allows faster, more reliable transfers than analog connection.

Fax Icon
soft fax

One/Two channels of Softfax per card, sharable across CT Bus.

Unified Messaging Icon

Enables messaging integration with many popular email servers and applications.

Warranty Icon
PBX features

Supports important PBX features such as ANI, DNIS, date/time, and reason for call redirection.

Scalable Icon

Provides scalable fax capability at a low cost by eliminating the need for additional fax hardware.

Advanced Web GUI Icon
robust information

Provides more information from the PBX than analog connection without the need for separate links and third-party call control.


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