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JCT Combined Media Board

Dialogic JCT Combined Media Boards

Dialogic JCT Media Boards and Software Products are a family of robust software and hardware products for the integration of multiple applications into a single platform.

These Media Boards can be used by developers to provide small- and medium-sized enterprise Computer Telephony (CT) applications that require high-performance voice and fax processing. Among the features and benefits of Dialogic JCT Media Boards, are the following.

They use Digital Signal Processor (DSP) voice processing technology, making them well-suited for server-based CT systems under Windows and Linux.

They also provide a powerful platform for creating sophisticated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications for the small and medium-sized enterprise market segments.

Their Caller ID support lets applications, such as IVR, receive calling party information via a telephone trunk line; Caller ID is supported for North America (CLASS protocol), the United Kingdom (CLI protocol), and in Japan (CLIP protocol).

Features such as fax and software-based speech recognition processing enable unified messaging applications.  They also provide Automatic Gain Control (AGC), so even a weak telephone signal can be recorded and replayed with clarity

The JCT Combined Boards are available in:

JCT Media Board Features

Telephony Cards
reduced footprint

Lower costs while creating larger high-density systems with fewer boards per chassis.

Interoperability Icon

Supports G.726 bit exact and GSM coders.

Echo Cancellation Icon
silence suppression

Silence-compressed recording (D/240JCT-1T1 & D/300JCT-1E1).

Advanced Call Routing Icon
call control

Unified call control access through Dialogic® Global Call Software interface (D/240JCT-1T1 & D/300JCT-1E1).

Simplified Deployment Icon
quick deployment

Provides worldwide application portability and shortens development time by using the same API for almost any network protocol.

Flexible Media Support Icon

A-law or μ-law voice coding at dynamically selectable data rates, 24 kbit/s to 64 kbit/s, selectable on a channel-by-channel basis (D/120JCT-LS Media Board).

Supported Phone Systems Icon

Telcordia CLASS, UK CLI, Japanese Caller ID, and other international protocols (D/120JCT-LS Media Board).

Unified Messaging Icon
unified messaging

Enables implementation of unified messaging applications that meet VPIM standards (D/120JCT-LS Media Board).

Fax Icon
fax and speech

Supports DSP-based onboard fax and host-based speech recognition (fax and host-based speech recognition are mutually exclusive) ( D/240JCT-1T1 & D/300JCT-1E1).

SIP Profiler, Web-based User Interface, and Offline Configuration Icon

Supports an international Caller ID capability via on-hook audio path (D/120JCT-LS Media Board).

Diagnostic Tools Icon
keep host performance

Provides a flexible speech processing technology, which, when coupled with efficient drivers, off-loads critical real-time signal processing in speech-enabled applications to on-board DSPs. Reduces system latency, increases recognition accuracy, and improves overall system response time for high-density speech solutions.


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