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With more and more people working from home, we’ve put together these resources to make the transition easier for you, your business, co-workers, customers, and clients.

Enable Your Workforce to Work
Wherever, Whenever

The COVID-19 pandemic is fueling what could potentially be the biggest work-from-home movement the world has ever seen. Office workers on every continent are perplexed and trying to adapt as a unified mobile workforce. During these uncertain times, having mobility feature built into your business phone system is the ultimate convenience.

Whether you are reacting to this unprecedented event, or if you are simply looking for a phone system that will unify your physically distributed employees, Sangoma has the mobile UC features you need to enable remote work for your team.

5 Ways to Stay Connected with Remote Workers

Sangoma Remote Working Features

H10 headset from the side

Wireless Headsets

Move around the office while staying connected, with industry-leading wireless performance, crystal clear audio and all day talk time.

Take Your Desk Phone Home

Sangoma’s D-Series and S-Series phones auto configure with Switchvox and PBXact no matter where they are located. That means the same phone that sits at the office can be used by a worker from home. 

With simple setup and provisioning no matter where you go, Sangoma’s D-Series and S-Series phones are sure to empower your mobile employees.

Video Conferencing

As the need for virtual meetings increases, utilize the conference features available with Sangoma’s UC solutions. With the Meet-Me Conference Center, your phone extensions can have their own conference rooms. The extension-owner can even control the audio conferencing experience with announcement options, as well as specify who can talk in the conference. Additionally, enjoy free access to Sangoma Meet video conferencing to enjoy crystal-clear conferences for up to 50 participants.

As the need for virtual meetings increases, utilize the conference features available with Sangoma’s UC solutions. With the Meet-Me Conference Center, your phone extensions can have their own conference rooms. The extension-owner can even control the audio conferencing experience with announcement options, as well as specify who can talk in the conference.

Web Based Switchboard

If you are already working remotely due to quarantine recommendations, our browser-based Switchboard is like your virtual assistant and operator with an extensive feature set. The Switchboard is also a great tool for call queue managers, offering a full set of queue management tools – accessible from anywhere.

Call Routing to Home
or Mobile Phone

If you’re working from home and can’t use the Switchvox softphone or you only have a home phone, you can easily configure Switchvox from your user portal to send all of your calls to your mobile or home phone. The Switchvox app has the ability to mask your personal phone number and show your office number when you call customers, allowing you to maintain privacy while working out of the office.

Zulu Mobile


Take your extension on the go with the Sangoma’s desktop and mobile softphones. Available for Mac and Windows operating systems, Sangoma’s desktop softphone will provide your users with the same powerful experience they expect from their desk phone, on their desktop or laptop computers. Sangoma’s mobile softphones enable you to forward calls from your desk phone to your mobile phone, chat with coworkers, see statuses of remote employees, and mask your personal phone number with your office number when you call customers while working remote.

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Ready to see these mobility features in action?

3 Groups to Consider when Working Remote


Keeping up with a physically distributed team can be a challenge. For managers everywhere, a lack of communication isn’t an option. Manage queues, view reports, and make sure productivity is still at an all time high.


Employees care about increased productivity and flexibility. While working remote, it’s critical to provide an easy-to-use, intuitive, and feature-rich solution for your staff.

Technical Staff

The IT staff cares about ease of management and end-user empowerment. A phone system that enables this group to assist end users and make moves, adds, and changes  while being fully remote  is a necessity.

How To Connect Remote Workers

Learn the benefits of connecting your workforce remotely, the advantages of using mobile apps, and ways you can use Unified Communications to connect remote workers.

Already a Sangoma Customer?

Here are some additional resources for remote workers that you may find helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Working Remote

Remote working is a term used for people who are working from a location other than their office. This could be at home, such as many employees are doing to help with social distancing – or even when traveling on business or vacation.

Remote workers still need a way to be connected to the rest of the company to ensure clear communication and to get their jobs done right.

Remote Working is also known as teleworking, telecommuting, work from home, and distance working. 

There are various ways that remote workers are able to stay connected to their team, whether their team is on-site in an office or are also working remotely. For verbal communication you can use softphone apps or route calls through a business phone system, like Switchvox, using the Switchboard, so that your business phone number sends the call where you want it. That can be to your cell phone, home line, or direct to voice mail.

Teleworkers can also use apps like Zulu or the Switchvox softphone on their mobile phones or desktop PCs to stay connected while on the go.

If you are using Switchvox and need to set up employees to work remotely, you can follow this guide in our support community.   Guide to set up remote employees

If you are using PBXact, then you can follow the instructions on the wiki to help set up your employees for working remotely.    Setup phone with Redirection Service

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