Telephony Cards

Media & Interface Boards

Dialogic boards have long time been the leaders of telephony and interface boards for large systems which don’t have host resources available to perform voice, fax and media functions. All media and interface boards feature onboard CPU with large RAM and powerful FPGA chip for fast data streaming between the host CPU, the DSPs, the phone line, and the other active components onboard. They can remove performance bottlenecks by offloading key real-time tasks that would ordinarily place an excessive burden on the host server, allowing Quality of Service (for example, voice quality and connection speed) to be more consistent.


Diva Media Boards

The Diva T1/E1/PRI, BRI and Analog boards offer voice, speech, conferencing, VoIP, modem and fax features and can serve as a base for many communication applications. The boards support many standard applications, and are also suitable for new application development. The Diva boards are available in Half Size and Full Size PCI Express form factor.

JCT Media Boards

JCT Media Boards and Software Products are a family of robust software and hardware products for the integration of multiple applications into a single platform.

These Media Boards can be used by developers to provide small- and medium-sized enterprise Computer Telephony (CT) applications that require high-performance voice and fax processing.


DNI Interface Boards

The DNI Boards provide a native PSTN interface to Dialogic® PowerMediaTM Host Media Processing (HMP) Software. DNI boards are compatible with the Dialogic® DSI SS7 Protocol Stacks, allowing combining HMP media on the host, with SS7 signaling on board. DNI Boards enable efficient VoIP gateway functionality to be built into PowerMedia HMP telephony applications.

CG Boards

The CG Series Media Boards can be used to create powerful communications solutions for public telephone network, IP-only, and converged IP/circuit-switched environments. By using these boards with Dialogic® NaturalAccess™ Software, developers can rapidly build and globally deploy a broad range of telephony applications on a single platform.