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SIP Trunking

Sangoma offers aggressive pricing on a whole suite of carrier services; Origination, Termination, SMS/MMS as well as advanced services like Dynamic 911 Location Routing, Telecom Fraud Detection/Protection, Hosted Billing, and Robocall mitigation.

Our Back Office portal makes it easy to manage your account in real-time including purchasing DIDs, submitting ports, adding trunks and more. Our API platform also allows you to automate or integrate the management with your existing customer portal.

Whether you’re an MSP looking to add a new revenue stream selling VoIP services or are an established carrier, VI Communication Services offers unique value to your customers at competitive rates all while making service management a breeze.


Key Features and Benefits

Unique Value

Products like Hosted Billing, Fraud Mitigation/Detection, Robocall Mitigation, and Dynamic 911 Location routing can give you an edge over your competitors and simplify management of the service.

Extensive Coverage

In addition to covering a vast majority of the US and Canada, Sangoma offers Origination, Termination, and SMS/MMS services in over 60+ countries.

Buy What You Need

VI Communications Services offers an a-la carte product offering. Allowing you to mix and match our services with services you already offer. If you need everything, we’re also a 1 stop shop.


Redundant SIP Networking allows a seamless failover in the event of a network outage, ensuring your customers’ services are not affected.

Kari’s Law/RAY BAUM’s Act Compliance

Dynamic location routing for 911 allows you to send the location of the caller at the time of the call, making RAY BAUM’s Act compliance easier. Also, our 911 Alerts allows you to notify people in the event that 911 is called from a certain phone number.

CNAM + Robocall Mitigation

In addition to normal Caller Name lookup service, we offer a brand new Robocall mitigation service. Enabling this will tag suspected Spam calls being made to your customers allowing them to screen the calls that they receive. An API service also gives you a “score” between 0 and 100 which can allow you to customize handling of these calls based on the fraud score


Competitive rates for SMS/MMS allowing you to send messages via API, SIP, or even email. We also offer an easy-to-use interface where you can manage SMS/MMS campaigns for compliance with The Campaign Registry.