Let’s Revisit Hot Desking

Back in June, I wrote a blog about hot desking. And I wrote at the time “But is hot desking of a physical phone an obsolete concept with Unified Communications? Does it even need to be in RFPs anymore? Because with UC, you can make and take phone calls with your work extension from your computer, or from your smartphone, via a UC client. I can do that no matter where I sit in the office.”

Now, 4 months later, I got an email from a reader asking if I wanted to take that back because with the return to the office, many companies are going to hybrid models. Hybrid, to many, in addition to working both in the office and at home, means there are fewer offices. Because companies have downsized the physical space to save money.

And now when you show up to the actual office, instead of going to a specific office or cubicle, you might just have to go find a place to sit. And so the phone at the “place to sit” is not hard wired with your extension. What I wrote is still valid and maybe even more-so if this is what hybrid means.

What I will acknowledge, though, is that maybe there are some specific jobs where the company wants you on a deskphone, instead of on your smartphone, or the UC app. Security issues, for instance might come into play. So yes, I can see this being a part of RFPs with a hybrid environment if the use demands a physical phone while at the office.

But if the UC client is used when working from home, what’s the difference if you are at home or in the office? Mobility is mobility. That’s all I’ll say.

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