D-Series IP Phones

D-Series Phones

D-Series Phones for Switchvox Phone Systems

Sangoma D-Series IP phones offer the tightest integration possible with Switchvox phone systems. D-Series phones feature simple setup and provisioning with plug-and-play installation. Not only do you save time, but now your IT resources can be used for other projects, instead of managing endpoint installs.

Sangoma’s line of D-Series phones are perfect for every user type, from casual to call center to managers and executives.

Why Buy D-Series Phones Over Other Phones?

While Switchvox phone systems are compatible with most SIP-based IP phones, D-Series phones are designed exclusively for Switchvox. This means that users take full advantage of the power of the phone system, directly from their fingertips.

IP Phones Designed for Switchvox
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D-Series Benefits

POE (Power Over Ethernet)

Power D-Series phones directly from the Internet cable connection, rather than trying to search for a wall socket for power. This allows you the freedom to place your phones wherever you want.

Advanced Phone Applications

On-board apps take control of the phone’s display to increase user productivity, allowing you full control of the phone system and the ability to change advanced directly from the display and programmable buttons.

Programmable Buttons

Customize your phone with the applications you need where you want them. This allows users to improve efficiency and ultimately their productivity.

Available Sidecar

For realtors, secretaries, and receptionists, the EXP150 sidecar adds extra buttons to the D65 IP phone for extra functionality.


D-Series phones automatically configure with Switchvox- all you need to do is plug them in.

HD Voice

D-Series phones support many high definition codecs delivering crystal clear audio.

Hot Desking

Have your extension settings and features follow you on any D6x IP phone.

D80-sangoma D65-sangoma with sidecar D62-sangoma D60-sangoma
*Optional Sidecar
Pictured Above
Entry-level, Gigabit
Entry Level
Main Display High-definition 7.0 inch color,
capacitive touch
4.3 inch, color 4.3 inch, color 4.3 inch, color
Line Registrations 6 6 2 2
Feature keys Touch-screen 4 4 4
Rapid Dial/Busy Lamp Field Keys Up to 20 on-screen, scrolling
100 contacts
Up to 5 keys 100 contacts
*Optional Sidecar offers 20 keys 40 contacts
Up to 1 key 1 contact Up to 1 key 1 contact
Ethernet LAN and PC Port 10/100/1000Base-T 10/100/1000Base-T 10/100/1000Base-T 10/100Base-T
Built-in Bluetooth No No No
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Advanced Phone Applications
Expansion Module
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Headsets Designed for D-Series Phones

Move around the office while staying connected, with industry-leading wireless performance, crystal clear audio and all day talk time.
Sangoma customer using the H10 headset during a Sangoma Meet video conference call

D-Series Phone Rental for Switchvox Cloud

Sangoma’s line of D-Series phones are also available with our Switchvox Cloud hosted phone system service. This is a great choice for businesses wanting to rent IP phones, eliminate CapEx, and roll all hardware costs into a monthly service fee.

IP Phones with Clouds Hero Image

Powerful, Feature-rich Phones for Asterisk

Sangoma’s family of D-Series IP phones are designed specifically for use with Asterisk and Asterisk-based systems. All models include plug-and-play deployment and advanced applications that integrate directly with Asterisk features, creating the best user experience for your Asterisk solution whether it is built on vanilla Asterisk or an Asterisk distribution like FreePBX. You can also develop custom integrations with Asterisk phone systems by using the Digium Phone App Engine*, which allows for custom apps to be built in JavaScript.

P310 & P315 Value-Based Phones

Sangoma’s value-based P-Phones (P310 and P315) deliver the essential features you need at the best price point. Perfect for anyone that needs reliable, basic calling functionality or needs a lot of phones in one place; such as manufacturing, education, retail, and even home offices. These IP phones feature auto-provisioning across Sangoma’s product portfolio, including Switchvox, PBXact, FreePBX, and Asterisk.

Extend the Power of Asterisk to Your Desk Phone

D-Series IP phones allow you to truly customize your Asterisk-based phone system and take full advantage of the power and flexibility of Asterisk.

The D-Series IP phones offer:

  • Easiest provisioning for Asterisk and FreePBX
  • Native phone apps like voicemail, directory, parking, call recordings, and more talk directly to Asterisk
  • Functionality to build custom phone apps with a simple JavaScript API*
  • Compatibility with DPMA and Sangoma EndPoint Manager for the tightest integration with Asterisk and FreePBX
D80 with Asterisk Code
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