Going down for the count! NEC’s exit is where Switchvox enters

Outperforming NEC at Every Turn – Discover the Switchvox Difference!
Explore Switchvox – The Future of On-Premise PBX.

Why Choose Switchvox?

Unlock a new era of communication with features designed to scale with your business needs without hidden costs.

Switchvox: Every user enjoys full access to a comprehensive suite of features — video conferencing, advanced call queues, IVR, and more — all included at no additional cost.

NEC Comparison: Limited to basic functions; advanced features incur extra license fees and complexity.

Switchvox: What you see is what you get. Simple, upfront pricing with no hidden fees or add-on costs.

NEC Comparison: Complicated pricing structure, with essential features locked behind additional licenses.

Switchvox: Intuitive interface makes setup and daily operations a breeze for everyone, not just IT experts.

NEC Comparison: Setup and regular updates are time-consuming and complex.

Switchvox: Effortlessly scales with your business as you add more users, without requiring additional feature licenses or hardware components.

NEC Comparison: Scaling up means additional licenses for every features add-on, along with hardware cards, increasing costs and complexity.

Switchvox: Continuously supported with updates and strong customer support ensuring your system is secure and running smoothly.

NEC Comparison: Exiting the on-premise PBX business, ending support for systems, and no future software or security updates.

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