Cybersecurity Importance to SMBs

Cybersecurity is essential for SMBs. This Business Tech Weekly article explains why in more detail, but some of the obvious ones include a relative lack of resources, inadequate training, and the desire to spend only what the business considers to be “needed.”

But this is proving risky. According to the IBM Security, Cost of Data Breach 2022 Report, data breaches cost businesses a lot of money. “Reaching an all-time high, the cost of a data breach averaged $4.35M in 2022, and 83% of organizations studied have experienced more than one data breach.”

As such, today, many companies are making this their number one IT priority – to ensure they do not contribute to the next report!

But what to do about it? While the Business Tech Weekly article explains a few essential areas to cover (like training employees about phishing emails, instituting solid passwords, etc.), that still won’t cover everything.

The IT department may have a big load they can’t handle. One good way to address that is to go to a Managed Service Provider who can offer these services. One you already go to for your UCaaS or Access—someone like Sangoma.

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